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At OUPANZ we are committed to a company-wide ‘green approach’ to minimize our environmental footprint. By making our aims clear and providing information on our initiatives and targets, OUPANZ strives to set the industry benchmark for positive environmental change.

OUPANZ Green Committee
    In 2007 Oxford University Press Australia and New Zealand (OUPANZ) established a Green Committee to create an environmental policy and to initiate company-wide immediate and long-term changes. The environmental policy is integrated into every aspect of OUPANZ’s business activities and as such every division of OUPANZ and all levels of management are represented in the Green Committee. Meeting our green targets is the responsibility of every OUPANZ employee.

    A company-wide audit was undertaken to research and evaluate areas for improvement and from this a variety of immediate and long-term green initiatives were designed. All the recommended immediate changes have now been completed; just a few of these changes are listed below.

Areas of Change

  • Our Paper, Printers and Suppliers
  • Sustainable Work Practices
  • Reduce VOC and Carbon Emissions
  • Green Technology
  • Australian Industry Support
  • The Future

Our Paper, Printers and Suppliers
    Our paper is sourced from forests that are sustainably managed.
    We have recorded a 30% paper reduction through duplex printing and the use of electronic files for in-house proofs.

    100% of our printing companies are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), including the Australian company Ligare Printing who is committed to a Sustainability Programme and who is also certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Chain of Custody (PEFCC).

    In-house printers, ink and paper are sourced from Fuji Xerox who is committed to minimising their environmental impact and who is certified by the FSC.

    Our main office supplier, Corporate Express Australia, offer ‘EarthSaver’ products, offset their vehicles’ carbon emissions through Greenfleet Australia, and was awarded the 2008 Australian Sustainability Company of the Year Award.

Sustainable Work Practices
    As a measure of our commitment OUPANZ has joined the Australian Publishers Association specialist working group on environmental issues.

    Recycling systems have been updated and improved, including the introduction of individual recycling bins for each employee, and staff awareness of recycling and environmentally-friendly work practices is encouraged through regular Green Committee e-mail correspondences.

    Superseded computers are donated to charity.

    Our editors are changing their work practices and encouraging our authors to use electronic files to phase out the use of paper proofs.

    Efficient design and paper size selection are carefully considered when producing our books to minimise paper wastage and maintain competitive pricing.

    Our promotional items are carefully selected based on their effectiveness and mailing lists are scrutinised to ensure minimal wastage.

    We now use more environmentally sound materials such as Biowrap (100% biodegradable plastic wrap) for all promotional items, and all cleaning products purchased by OUPANZ are phosphorous-free.

    Our returns and samples policies are currently being reviewed to minimise unnecessary wastage.

Reduce VOC and Carbon Emissions
    We aim to continuously reduce the amount of substances of concern and actively encourage our offshore printers to use vegetable inks in order to stop the use of harmful printing chemicals containing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

    All OUPANZ fleet vehicles are limited to four cylinders and must have a minimum 3.5 star environmental rating, in accordance with the Australian Government Green Vehicle Guide (www.greenvehicleguide.gov.au). Employees who select a vehicle with a five-star environmental rating are rewarded with an additional 10% for their purchase allowance.

    To reduce our carbon emissions OUPANZ provide flexible work schedules and telecommuting for employees wherever feasible, and in 2008 the Green Committee organised car pooling groups.

    In 2008 the Green Committee held a ‘Free Travel Pass’ day for all employees to encourage the use of public transport, and travel cards are available for staff and visitors for work-related travel.

    Cycling is one of the greenest modes of transport and in November 2008 OUPANZ joined in the ‘Ride to Work Day’ and local bike track maps were made available on the company intranet.

Green Technology
    The OUPANZ Melbourne office is designed for optimal natural lighting through large, central skylights and energy-efficient fluorescent lighting is used where needed.

    Power-saving modes have been installed on all computers and staff are reminded to turn off lights, computers, printers and all electrical appliances when not in use.

    All new appliances purchased by OUPANZ are energy-efficient.

    At present OUPANZ is investigating green energy plan options with our electricity supplier TRUenergy.

Australian Industry Support
    We support the local industry and economy by using Australian paper whenever possible, and increasingly more our books are being printed within Australia at Ligare Printing.

    We continue to put pressure on local printers to remain competitive, increasing jobs within Australia and reducing the environmental impacts of book and paper transportation.

The Future
    OUPANZ recognize that in order to reach our goal of making a significant positive difference to the environment our commitment to new initiatives must be ongoing. The Green Committee continues to meet monthly and have a number of initiatives planned for 2011, the details of which will be revealed during the course of the year.