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What is it?
The Oxford University Press ONIX data file is an industry standard and ONIX compliant, data file that enables accurate sharing of book information.

Features of the ONIX Data File
In addition to the basic book data, the following information is available in the ONIX data file.

  • Bibliographical data including blurbs, reviews, table of contents & extracts.
  • Links to cover images.
  • Accurate price and availability data and discount codes to calculate accurate selling prices.

Format and data file options available
The ONIX data file is an XML data file that is produced daily. It can be downloaded as a complete file and/or as an incremental file (a file with only data changes from the previous day).

Downloading a file
To access either the complete or incremental file, simply click on the link to open the feed and then save to your computer.

If you have any questions or problems accessing the incremental ONIX data feed, please contact Oxford University Press on the following email address bsg.au@oup.com.