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Language in Context
Language in Context is an attractive series in an easy-to-follow format. It includes 16 illustrated readers at each grade level and a wide range of student activities with links to other subjects such as Community Living, Health and Environmental Studies. The Teacher Resource Book features teaching and learning strategies, planning guidelines and assessment suggestions.

The Pacific Series – ‘tried, tested & trusted’
The Pacific Series is one of OUP’s oldest and most successful programs. It includes Teacher’s Notes for reading and learning English, student Activity Books and a wide variety of illustrated readers at each grade level.

My Bridging to English
My Bridging to English helps students on their journey to learn how to read and write in English. It gives them the opportunity to use a variety of alphabet sounds and blends, to see and learn words from their local environment, and to record new and interesting words they discover for themselves.

Spelling Essential Skills Grade 3, 4 & 5
Essential Spelling Skills provides students with strategies and skills to become independent spellers. Each Student Book features a full year’s work with links to grammar, writing activities and spelling lists for weekly assessment. The Teacher Book includes spelling strategies, activities and tests as well as answers, assessment checklists and an appendix of spelling terms.