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A snapshot of Numicon

What is Numicon?

The Numicon approach is multi-sensory, using apparatus and focusing on Action, Imagery and Conversation. The Numicon Shapes and rods help students understand number relationships, spot patterns and make generalisations, by providing them with a visual representation of abstract concepts. The Numicon Shapes and rods also help both teachers and students to communicate their ideas. Students are encouraged to work together on activities and communicate their mathematical thinking to teachers. This in turn helps teachers ‘see’ a students’ understanding.

Through allowing teachers to watch and listen to what students do and say, the Numicon approach provides learners with the opportunity to play to their strengths, thereby releasing their potential to enjoy, understand and achieve in mathematics. This enjoyment in achievement is also shared by educators and parents.

Who is Numicon for?

The resources can be used for a whole-class, small groups and for individual support. Teachers report a marked increase in student’s confidence when they are working with Numicon and that leads to raised achievement.

Our core resources and kits cover number concepts contained in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum - Foundation to Year 6. The Breaking Barriers resources are suitable across the primary years for students who are experiencing significantly greater difficulty learning mathematics than the majority of students of their age.

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