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ISBN: 9780198280521

Published: 1 Mar 06

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Migration, Citizenship and the European Welfare State

A Twenty-First Century Dilemma

Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Peo Hansen, Stephen Castles

This book provides a major new examination of the current dilemmas of liberal anti-racist policies in European societies, linking two discourses that are normally quite separate in social science: immigration and ethnic relations research on the one hand, and the political economy of the welfare state on the other. The authors rephrase Gunnar Myrdal's questions in An American Dilemma with reference to Europe's current dual crisis - that of the established welfare state facing a declining capacity to maintain equity, and that of the nation state unable to accommodate incremental ethnic diversity. They compare developments across the European Union with the contemporary US experience of poverty, race, and class. They highlight the major moral-political dilemma emerging across the EU out of the discord between declared ideals of citizenship and actual exclusion from civil, political, and social rights. Pursuing this overall European predicament, the authors provide a critical scrutiny of the EU's growing policy involvement in the fields of international migration, integration, discrimination, and racism. They relate current policy issues to overall processes of economic integration and efforts to develop a European 'social dimension'. Drawing on case-study analysis of migration, the changing welfare state, and labour markets in the UK, Germany, Italy, and Sweden, the book charts the immense variety of Europe's social and political landscape. Trends of divergence and convergence between single countries are related to the European Union's emerging policies for diversity and social inclusion. It is, among other things, the plurality of national histories and contemporary trajectories that makes the European Union's predicament of migration, welfare, and citizenship different from the American experience. These reasons also account in part for why it is exceedingly difficult to advance concerted and consistent approaches to one of the most pressing policy issues of our time.

Very few of the existing sociological texts which compare different European societies on specific topics are accessible to a broad range of scholars and students. The European Societies series will help to fill this gap in the literature, and attempt to answer questions such as: Is there really such a thing as a 'European model' of society? Do the economic and political integration processes of the European Union also imply convergence in more general aspects of social life, such a family or religious behaviour? What do the societies of Western Europe have in common with those further to the East?

This series will cover the main social institutions, although not every author will cover the full range of European countries. As well as surveying existing knowledge in a manner useful to students, each book will also seek to contribute to our growing knowledge of what remains in many respects a sociologically unknown continent. The series editor is Colin Crouch.

Links two fields of study which are normally viewed separately: research on ethnic relations and immigration, and the political economy of the welfare state

Critical scrutiny of one of Europe's most pressing predicaments: how to integrate processes at the local and national level with those at the supra-national level

Detailed case-study analysis of migration, welfare, and citizenship in four European coutnries - UK, Germany, Italy, and Sweden

1: Understanding the Dual Crisis
2: The 'Migration' Crisis and the Genesis of Europe's New Diversity
3: Migration, Citizenship, and the European Social Model
4: Transatlantic Convergence or Transatlantic Split? Elements for a Comparative Framework
5: Britain's 'Neo-American' Trajectory
6: Germany: Immigration and Social Exclusion in a Declining Welfare State
7: Economic Miracle and Political Limbo: Italy and its 'Extracommunitarians'
8: 'Paradise Lost'? Migration and the Changing Swedish Welfare State
9: 'Bloody Subcontracting' in the Network Society: Migration and Post-Fordist Restructuring Across the European Union
10: What Creed in Europe?

Professor Carl-Ulrik Schierup , Professor of Migration and Ethnic Studies and Director of the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity, and Society, Linköping University, Sweden

Professor Peo Hansen , Political Scientist and Associate Professor at the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO), Linköping University, Sweden

Professor Stephen Castles , Research Professor of Sociology at the University of Sydney and Associate Director of the International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford.