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ISBN: 9780199544684

Published: 22 May 08

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Bourgeoisie, State and Democracy

Russia, Britain, France, Germany and the USA

Graeme Gill

A comparative study of the emergence, political influence and political role of businessmen in political life. By looking at this in Britain, France, Germany, the US and Russia, the argument addresses existing views about the role of this class in bringing about democracy. By analysing the role of Russian businessmen, it highlights the role of that class in shaping the development of Russian political life in the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries.

Topic of keen interest across a number of disciplines

Great comparative breadth and historical depth

1: The Bourgeoisie: Creators of Democracy?
2: The Making of a Social Class: the Western Bourgeoisie
3: The Making of a Social Class: the Post-Soviet Bourgeoisie
4: Bourgeois Representation in Political Life
5: Post-Soviet Bourgeois Representation in Political Life
6: Class and State: the Western Bourgeoisie
7: Class and State: the Post-Soviet Bourgeoisie

Graeme Gill , Professor of Government and Public Administration at the University of Sydney

Graeme Gill is Professor of Government and Public Administration and an ARC Australian Professorial Fellow at The University of Sydney. Prior to his appointment at Sydney, he held teaching positions at Monash University and The University of Tasmania. He has been a long-time student of Soviet and Russian politics, but has also published on democratisation and the development of the state. He has been a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia since 1994