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ISBN: 9780199582723

Published: 24 Feb 11

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Nursing: Communication Skills in Practice

Lucy Webb

The journey to becoming a nurse requires students to demonstrate effective communication skills with patients, carers and other healthcare professionals, based on sound evidence and apply these in a variety of care settings. Nursing: Communication Skills in Practice has been specifically developed as a one stop shop of healthcare communication theory and practical skills for all aspects of the pre-registration course - in both the classroom and on clinical placement.

The authors introduce essential communication and interpersonal theories before explaining how these can be applied therapeutically with patients and carers, professionally with colleagues and on health records, as well as how to overcome common challenges in practice. Practice examples, scenarios, and videos apply skills to a huge range of clinical settings and client groups so readers can easily see how to adapt their approach for different fields of practice and individual patient needs whilst basing decisions on a clear rationale.

Useful for the entire course, the content reflects the NMC domain for communication and interpersonal skills and also addresses the student's experience of placement learning, presentations, assignments and personal development. Written in an easy to read, student friendly manner and accompanied by video, this text will help student nurses develop excellent communication skills so they are truly prepared for practice.

Not just another communication skills book! This is a one-stop-shop for both the theory and practice of communication for both university and placement.

Clearly linked to the NMC domain on communication and interpersonal skills so students can be assured they are learning what they really need.

Suitable for students in all fields of nursing.

Useful for the whole course: develops a sound knowledge base and applies this to a full range of patients and healthcare settings encountered on a pre-reg course.

Practice examples, scenarios and learning points give students the skills to effectively deal with common challenges in communication.

Essential sections on student survival skills and professional development supports the reader to excel on placement and in assignments.

Videos and interactive exercises provide further insights and tips to help students develop their skills.

1: Introduction to communication skills
2: The nurse-patient relationship
3: How to relate to others effectively
4: Active listening and attending: communication skills and the health care environment
5: Groups and teamwork
6: Theory to practice: communicating therapeutically
7: Facing challenges in healthcare communication
8: Health promotion and communication techniques
9: Using health information
10: Professional communication skills for student survival: self-management, writing, and presenting
11: Communicating in immediate and short-term care situations
12: Communicating with people with chronic and long term health needs
13: Communicating with children & young people and their families
14: Communication and the cognitively impaired patient
15: Engagement, motivation and changing behaviour
16: Communication for personal and professional development

Edited by Lucy Webb , Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Lucy Webb, Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University.

"It makes relevant theory very accessible to the reader and helps its application in practice and in 'real life' " - Dave Roberts, Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University

"10/10 - I would be very likely to recommend this book due to its focus on the application of theory to practice and the examples given within the chapters. An excellent resource for the student nurse. " - Gaynor Fenton, Lecturer, Salford University

"an easily read source of advice, providing important and relevant content written in a friendly way, " - Irene McTaggart, lecturer, University of Dundee

"This is of more use [than other texts] which would cause me to recommend it. It unpicks peoples anxiety over [communication skills, such as] breaking bad news and then shows how fairly simple skills and reflection on the situation can help students make the leap into broaching those topics. " - Joel Hawkins, Clinical Nurse lead and Mentor, South England

"a practical book with useful skills, easy to read, and clear - it does what it says on the box! " - Alison Hodges. Nurse and Mentor, Cornwall

"[Finally] one book, specifically for nursing students, which contains the challenges to communication that includes different settings, problems encountered and how these can be overcome. The first time I have can across a book, which aims to meet NMC proficiencies for the register- Excellent! " - Amy Hutchinson, Student, University of Ulster

"Detailed, understandable and incredibly important to communication skills of student nurses. The examples were detailed and allow for links to be made to practice and to see where and how the situations may arise.. relevance for all areas of placement " - Laura Mason, Student, Leeds University

Online material to accompany the book

: bring theory to life by demonstrating communication skills in action.

Quizzes allow students to test their underlying knowledge and understanding.

Scenarios give students a chance to consider knowledge and apply their skills prior to placement or assessments.

Practice exercises and learning materials can be printed off to be used in placement with mentors to help students translate theory into practice and achieve their learning outcomes.

Advice and reflections from academics, clinicians and other students will give junior students the benefit of other's experience and tips on what works well.