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ISBN: 9780195575033

Published: 6 Aug 10

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Oxford Atlas obook

Peter Van Noorden, Mark Easton

The Oxford Atlas obook is much more than ‘just an atlas’. It includes every page, map, image and word of the print edition Oxford Atlas but with the added functionality of interactive learning modules, virtual fieldwork and layered maps, making it the ultimate geographic learning environment.  

The Oxford Atlas obook comes on CD-ROM and can be used on netbooks, laptops, desktops and IWBs. All the print edition features are available offline. Oxford Atlas obook includes all the Oxford Atlas print edition content, plus live links to the following online features: layered maps, interactive learning modules and virtual fieldwork. 

Layered maps
The Oxford Atlas obook enables students to create their own maps. When online, all maps and layers in the obook can be switched on or off, turning the hundreds of maps of the print edition into tens of thousands of possibilities—perfect for demonstrating geospatial relationships.
  • Interactive map keys enable students and teachers to compare and understand geographic patterns
  • Zoom function allows maps to be studied in detail
Interactive learning modules & virtual fieldwork
Launched using the Oxford Atlas obook, these unique online teaching and learning modules are the ideal topic starters for the classroom or home. In presentation mode, topics are introduced with maps, diagrams and images for use on IWBs. Switch to activities mode and students can respond to questions and self-assess on their laptops, netbooks and desktops. Answers can be saved, printed or sent electronically.

Title overview (PDF)
  • All the content of the print edition
  • 41 interactive learning modules
  • 10 virtual fieldwork modules
  • Delivered on CD-ROM
  • Interactive map keys on every map can be toggled on/off allowing students to see maps differently
  • Extensive teacher support materials
  • Site and networking licences available to suit your school’s needs
Click here to view samples.

Oxford Atlas obook facts
  • Interactive map keys
  • 41 interactive learning modules, including activities, definitions and topic starters on key geographical skills and concepts—can be used in class or at home
  • Nearly 300 interactive maps that enable students and teachers to explore and interpret geographic patterns
  • 10 virtual fieldwork modules that bring the world into the classroom, transporting students to sites through video, maps and images
    Zoom function allowing maps to be studied in detail
  • Site and networking licences available to match your school’s needs
  • Extensive teacher support materials
To access answers online, contact your local Oxford Representative
The Oxford Atlas obook includes every page, map, image and word of the print edition Oxford Atlas but with the added functionality of interactive learning modules, virtual fieldwork and layered maps. Click this link to view the full table of contents for the Oxford Atlas.

Interactive Learning Modules

Through geographers’ eyes
Satellite images
What is a map?
Different types of maps
Grid references
Latitude and longitude
Using scale
Differing scales
Interpreting height on maps
Using topographic maps
Distribution patterns
Comparing spatial patterns
Changing patterns
Plate tectonics
Oceans and coasts
River environments
Desert environments
Rainforest environments
Climate Disasters
Environmental hot spots
Threatened species
World Heritage sites
Climate Change
Early history
Age of discovery
The world at war
Indigenous people
Economic activity
Energy use
Access to water
Contrasts in living conditions

Virtual Fieldwork Modules

Australia: Murray–Darling Basin
Mount Vesuvius
Cairo and the pyramids
Kibera shantytown
Malaspina Glacier, Alaska
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Mawson Station, Antarctica
The Oxford Atlas suite is supported with extensive teacher support resources. Oxford’s Teacher Resources enable you to do what you do best—teach.

Interactive learning modules in the Oxford Atlas obook include introductory presentation sequences for all topics, starter questions and definitions. These presentation sequences are ideal for teachers new or unfamiliar with geography as a discipline.
  • Activities are incorporated into all elements of the Oxford Atlas suite
  • Oxford Atlas Workbook simplifies teacher preparation time and accommodates advanced learners
  • Broadsheet-styled theme spreads in the print and obook editions reduce teacher preparation time
  • Free professional learning workshops for teachers to build skills and confidence when using Oxford resources
Online teacher resources include:
  • Teaching plans for all topics
  • Answers to all activities
All online teacher resources are free and are password protected. Adopting schools can obtain their password from their local Oxford Representative.

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Click here to view samples of the Oxford Atlas obook.