Write Ways

Fourth Edition

Lesley Wing Jan

Write Ways

Fourth Edition

Lesley Wing Jan






4 Nov 2015




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Your best text types resource, from the lecturer theatre to the classroom

Write Ways is a practical, user-friendly text for both teacher education students and practicing teachers. It explains how to teach students to write in all the major text types—not only in English, but across the curriculum—and provides clear, useful examples of classroom practice, planning and assessment. 
New to this edition
  • References to the Australian Curriculum
  • Increased focus on grammar, multiliteracies, literacy practices and teaching focuses at whole text, paragraph, clause, sentence, word group and word level
  • More emphasis on multiliteracies, critical literacy and ICT, and how these look in classroom practice
  • ICT margin notes suggesting how to use technology to teach text types
  • All new sample units at the end of chapters 6 to 16. These
    • include multiple sequences that enable teachers to adapt teaching focuses to specific teaching purposes and student needs across many year levels 
    • are developed around the threads within specific sub-strands of the Australian Curriculum: English rather than narrow year-level content descriptions, thus enabling teachers to tailor their instruction to individual students and plot student learning
    • encourage engagement with a variety of text formats, from paper-based to multimodal 
    • demonstrate the interrelatedness of speaking and listening, reading and viewing, and writing.
  • More on programming and planning, including suggestions for how to use the Australian Curriculum: English for planning in both primary and secondary contexts, how to link assessment to teaching, and how to support students as they write.


Part One: Preparation
1. Literacy and Language
2. Texts
3. Program Planning
4. Assessment Procedures and Record Keeping
5. Reading and Writing Process
Part Two: Informative Text Types
6. Informative Texts
7. Information Reports
8. Procedural Texts
9. Explanations
10. Recounts
11. Transactional Texts
12. Persuasive Texts
Part Three: Imaginative Text Types
13. Imaginative Texts
14. Imaginative Narratives
15. Information Narratives
16. Poetry


Lesley Wing Jan

Lesley Wing Jan is an independent educational consultant who has taught at all levels of primary school and in tertiary settings.

Student Resources

The following resources are available for students using Write Ways 4th edition for their course:


Assessment checklists to use in the classroom or as practice for lesson planning:

Assessment of Information Report Writing
Assessment of Procedural Text Writing
Assessment of Explanation Writing
Assessment of Recount Writing
Assessment of Transactional Text Writing
Assessment of Persuasive Text Writing
Assessment of Narrative Writing
Assessment of Information Narrative Writing
Assessment of Poetry Writing

Sample Units from Write Ways 3rd edition

All new Sample Units have been written for the 4th edition and below are the Sample Units from the 3rd edition. These are linked to the chapters that deal with specific text types and are provided as a helpful additional teaching resource. 

Sample Unit: Exploring Information Reports
Sample Unit: Exploring Procedural Texts
Sample Unit: Exploring Explanations
Sample Unit: Exploring Recounts
Sample Unit: Exploring Transactional Texts
Sample Unit: Exploring Persuasive Texts
Sample Unit: Exploring Narrative Texts
Sample Unit: Exploring Information Narratives
Sample Unit: Exploring Poetry

Sample Pages

Read a sample from Write Ways 4th edition:
Chapter 1: Literacy, Language and Learning