It's Arts Play eBook

Young Children Belonging, Being and Becoming through the Arts

Judith Dinham, Beryl Chalk

It's Arts Play eBook

Young Children Belonging, Being and Becoming through the Arts

Judith Dinham, Beryl Chalk






19 Oct 2017




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Developing children through arts experiences

It’s Arts Play is a professional and practical resource that shows how the expectations of developing the whole child – their belonging, being and becoming – can be pursued through arts experiences that exemplify the play-based approach to learning within the context of the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum.

Australia's ethnic diversity affords a pathway for the exploration and appreciation of the significance of socio-cultural contexts in children’s development. Contributions by Aboriginal Elders, educators and artists engage readers with Indigenous perspectives and encourage the development of inclusive learning environments as well as ideas about approaches to learning for all young children.

In Part One the text outlines the nature of The Arts, how participation in arts learning contributes to children’s development, and how learning within The Arts fits within the Australian Curriculum and the philosophy and structure of the Early Years Learning Framework. Part Two provides an in-depth, practical guide to each of the five arts subjects of dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts.  In Part Three, practical guides to pedagogy, planning, monitoring, documenting and assessing learning, assist pre-service and novice educators navigate their professional responsibilities in regard to these dimensions of educational practice.

Key Features

  • Pause and Reflect scenarios and questions throughout are opportunities for pre-service teachers to consider real-life examples of these ideas.
  • Clearly links authentic Arts practice to current educational policy frameworks including the ELYF and Australian Curriculum.
  • Sparkers in Part 2 offer ideas to get you started in each Arts area, and help steer new teachers towards authentic educational practices.
  • Incorporates authentic Indigenous voices that offer valuable insights for pre-service teachers.
  • Summarises important “Things to Remember” as a handy reminder check-list for students and educators.


    PART ONE: Children’s learning through the arts

  1. Setting the Context
  2. The nature of learning in and through the arts
  3. How Arts Experiences Contribute to Children’s Growth and Development
  4. Belonging - How Children Belong Through the Arts
  5. Being – How Children Experience Being Themselves Through The Arts
  6. Becoming –Ways in which Children Become their Future Selves through the Arts
  7. PART TWO: Educating Through The Arts

  8. Arts-Making Experiences in Dance
  9. Arts-Making Experiences in Drama
  10. Arts Making Experiences in Media Arts
  11. Arts-Making Experiences in Music
  12. Arts Making Experiences in Visual Arts
  13. Arts Responding Experiences Across the Five Arts Subjects
  14. Learning experiences across the age groups
  15. PART THREE: The Professional at Work

  16. Arts Pedagogies
  17. Monitoring, Documenting and Assessing Arts Learning
  18. Planning for Arts Learning


Judith Dinham – Associate Professor, School of Education, Curtin University

Beryl Chalk – Sessional Academic, School of Education, Curtin University