Classroom Management

Engaging Students in Learning

Second Edition

Tim McDonald

Classroom Management

Engaging Students in Learning

Second Edition

Tim McDonald






4 Jun 2013




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Classroom Management focuses on what teachers can do to create quality-learning environments with their students, demonstrating effective instructional strategies that engage students in learning as well having the skills to respond positively to misbehaviour and de-escalate conflict. Using a healthy measure of theory and plenty of practical advice, this text helps pre-service teachers develop their own management plan and skills to cater for individual students' needs.

Key features:

  • Practical framework to develop a personal management plan integrated with current evidence based approaches to classroom management.
  • Practical strategies for working with challenging behaviours Helpful evidence based suggestions on how to engage students.
  • Real life examples of classroom scenarios with crucial reflections that will help teachers develop instructional and discipline skills.
  • Covers early childhood, primary and secondary.
  • Includes learning outcomes, critical reflection activities, and a practice activity per chapter to assist in practical skill development.

New to this edition:

  • New chapter on Cultural Competency and Classroom Management contributed by Matt Byrne and Graeme Gower.
  • New theorist in focus boxes throughout help pre-service teachers relate the theory to practice.


1. A Positive Learning Framework for Classroom Management
2. Connecting with Students
3. Frameworks to View Student Behaviour
4. Proactive Teacher Behaviours
5. Developing Safe and Accountable Classrooms
6. Re-engaging the Disengaged Learner
7. Cultural Competency and Classroom Management (Matt Byrne and Graeme Gower)
8. The Effective Teacher's Learning Journey


Tim McDonald - Director of Catholic Education, Western Australia

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Chapter 1: A Positive Learning Framework for Classroom Management