Qualitative Research Methods eBook

Fourth Edition

Pranee Liamputtong

Qualitative Research Methods eBook

Fourth Edition

Pranee Liamputtong






20 Nov 2012




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Qualitative Research Methods 4th Edition provides an accessible, practical guide to conducting and analysing qualitative research. This multidisciplinary text uses relevant and engaging examples to explain methodological issues, and shows how to use established, innovative and complex methods of research effectively.

New to this edition:

  • New chapter: Conducting Cross-cultural Research Qualitatively
  • More criminology examples throughout the book
  • Updated examples.


Part 1: Background to Qualitative Research
1. Methodological Frameworks and Sampling in Qualitative Research
2. Rigour and Ethics in Qualitative Research

Part 2: Types of Qualitative Research Methods
3. The In-Depth Interviewing Method
4. Focus Groups
5. Unobtrusive Methods
6. Narrative Enquiry Methodology: Life and Oral History, Life Story and Biological Research
7. Memory Work
8. Ethnography
9. Participatory Action Research
10. Qualitative Case Study Research
11. Grounded Theory Research

Part 3: Managing Qualitative Research
12. Making Sense of Qualitative Data: The Analysis Process
13. Writing a Qualitative Research Proposal
14. Writing a Qualitative Research Report

Part 4: Applications of Qualitative Research
15. Researching the ‘Vulnerable’
16. Conducting Cross-Cultural Research Qualitatively
17. Going Online: Doing Qualitative Research in Cyberspace
18. Qualitative Research: New Directions


Pranee Liamputtong holds a position of Personal Chair in Public Health at the School of Public Health, La Trobe University.