Healthy Ageing and Aged Care

Maree Bernoth, Denise Winkler

Healthy Ageing and Aged Care

Maree Bernoth, Denise Winkler






11 Nov 2016




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This is a book about life—the continuum of life, the impact of choices made throughout life, changes that happen during our lives and a celebration of lives lived! At the very heart of the book is the people who are living, who have lived their lives and are generously sharing their experiences with you—people who are ageing, people who make up families and communities and people who are health professionals, especially registered nurses, who work with and provide support for individuals, families and communities to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Healthy Ageing and Aged Care takes an inter-disciplinary approach to supporting older people within the community and in care. It represents current Australian and New Zealand policies and practices and takes a holistic view of the older person, and emphasises the positive aspects of the ageing process, maintaining that people age in healthy ways and continue to be an integral part of their families and communities. This is one of the rewarding aspects of working with older people—assessing accurately and collaboratively putting in place strategies that can maintain the person’s quality of life. The goal is for you to be able to develop those skills by engaging with the material in this book.

Accompanying videos and audio recordings give life to case studies in the text. They enhance the learning experience for the student audience by providing an opportunity to see the complexities and idiosyncrasies of situations relevant to older people and their carers.


  1. The profile of older people in Australia and New Zealand
  2. The policies impacting ageing and aged care in Australia and New Zealand
  3. The experience of ageing as an Indigenous Australian and Maori Peoples
  4. The personal perspectives of ageing in a complex world
  5. Family relationships and informal care
  6. Intimate relationships
  7. Ageing in rural areas
  8. Vulnerabilities and Abuse
  9. Volunteer relationships and older people in the work force
  10. Leisure and Recreation in the lives of older people
  11. Previously unrecognised issues:  Managing the Heath of an ageing prison and homeless population
  12. The impact of physiological changes on older people; implications for nursing practice
  13. The Older Person in Acute Care
  14. Maintaining Mental Health through the ageing experience
  15. Dementia
  16. Pharmacology
  17. The role of the Registered Nurse in maintaining optimal nutrition and hydration
  18. Mobility and falls prevention
  19. Managing multiple chronic conditions
  20. End of life care


Maree Bernoth is a Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Indigenous Health, Charles Sturt University

Denise Winkler is an Educational Designer, Division of Student Learning, Charles Sturt University


Simone Alexander
has extensive experience as an oral hygienist in private practice and has held an academic position at Charles Sturt University.

Jane Anderson-Wurf works as a postdoctoral fellow with the University of Notre Dame Rural Clinical School, in Wagga Wagga.

Tanya Atkinson works with Wintringham, a specialist aged-care provider in Australia.

Susan Baidawi is a research fellow in the Department of Social Work at Monash University, Melbourne.

Karen Bell is a social work academic at Charles Sturt University.

Maree Bernoth is a senior lecturer at Charles Sturt University.

Robyn Bryant is an ASET nurse at Wagga Wagga Rural Referral Hospital.

Oliver Burmeister focuses his research on ethical issues in the clinical application of new technologies.

Belinda Cash is a lecturer in social work and gerontology at Charles Sturt University.

Ruth Crawford is an accredited practising dietitian and has worked in a variety of settings including food service, education and institutional care (aged care, disability homes and correctional facilities).

Megan Daniel has extensive experience in clinical nursing in residential aged care and in teaching undergraduate student nurses.

Carmel Davies is a lecturer in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health at Charles Sturt University.

Rylee A. Dionigi is an associate professor in the School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health at Charles Sturt University.

Gael Evans-Barr MBA (Health and Human Services Management) currently manages Charles Sturt University’s Foundation and Alumni programs.

Gary Forrest has been nursing for 30 years, and has undertaken postgraduate studies in critical care and intensive care units, and in emergency departments.

Pam Foster is a senior lecturer at Waiairki Institute of Technology.

Alison Henry has been a lecturer at Charles Sturt University’s School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health since 2012.

Travis Ingersoll is a social work professor, sexuality educator and researcher based at West Chester University, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Jenny McKenzie has worked for over 20 years, specialising in oncology and palliative care, the last 10 years as a nurse practitioner in palliative care.

Faye McMillan has held a number of roles within health and education for over two decades; this includes working as a registered pharmacist and lecturer within the health sciences. Faye is a Wiradjuri woman, and uses her roles to advocate health equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Robyn McMillan is a lecturer of mental health at Charles Sturt University. She has worked in the health industry as a mental health professional since 2009. As a Wiradjuri woman, Robyn has combined her experiences as a health professional with her lived experiences as an older Indigenous woman to enhance the learning experiences of students.

Susan Mlcek is Māori-Indigenous, from the Ngaiterangi Iwi in New Zealand, with teaching experience gained from time at two Australian universities, a New Zealand tribal Indigenous university, and TAFE NSW.

Jed Montayre lectures in the School of Clinical Sciences at Auckland University of Technology.

Stephen Neville is an associate professor and head of the nursing department at the Auckland University of Technology.

Margaret Roberts is a registered psychologist and registered nurse in New Zealand. She is the associate head of research and senior lecturer in nursing in the School of Clinical Sciences at the Auckland University of Technology.

Kristy Robson has worked as a podiatrist in rural regional Australia her entire professional career. She is currently employed as an academic at Charles Sturt University.

Marissa Samuelson is an accredited practising dietitian and has worked in a variety of settings including community health, private practice and acute care.

Peter Santangelo is a credentialed mental health nurse with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and a past president.

Andreia Schineanu is a researcher and lecturer at Charles Sturt University, and for the past 15 years has worked in the broad field of public health, focusing on domestic violence, alcohol and other drugs, mental health, Aboriginal health, and community development.

Belinda Scott currently works as a clinical nurse consultant in dementia for NSW Health in a rural/regional setting.

Kay Shannon is a registered nurse with practice experience in a range of hospital, aged residential care and primary health-care settings in urban and rural areas. Kay has worked at Auckland University of Technology University since 2012.

Helen Small has been employed as the general manager operations at Wintringham Specialist Aged Care for the last twelve years.

Fredrik Velander is a lecturer and researcher at Charles Sturt University.

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  • Nine case study videos enable students not just to read about cases, but to hear direct from those directly impacted in aged care. The videos come from the authors, elderly Australians and carers and volunteers. They covers a wide range of topics including:
    • Support for Older Men (Men’s Sheds)
    • Healthy Ageing
    • Elder Abuse
    • Rural Issues
    • Volunteering
    • Leisure and Recreation
    • Delirium
    • Palliative Care
    • Residential Aged Care
    • Dementia
  • An audio interview case study with Robyn (a Wiradjuri woman)
  • Bonus online chapter - information access and use by older people
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Lecturer Resources

The following resource is available for lecturers using Healthy Ageing and Aged Care:

  • Instructors' Resource Manual built around the case studies, in text and video.

Sample Pages

Read a sample from Healthy Aging and Aged Care:

Chapter 1: The profile of older people in Australia and New Zealand