Principles of Administrative Law

Third Edition

Peter Cane, Leighton McDonald, Kristen Rundle

Principles of Administrative Law

Third Edition

Peter Cane, Leighton McDonald, Kristen Rundle






9 Mar 2018




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Principles of Administrative Law is a comprehensive and clear account of administrative law in Australia. It guides the reader through the complexities of the current law, paying attention to the law’s historical development, its constitutional setting and institutional structure, and the patterns of governance in contemporary Australia.

Drawing upon legal theory and empirical legal research, the text sets out the essentials of the subject while exploring the law’s conceptual foundations and underlying principles. In this way it invites students to engage with the interpretations of the law provided and to reflect upon the extent to which the law makes a contribution to the legitimacy of government in the Australian ‘administrative state’.

Now in its third edition, Principles of Administrative Law is a significant contribution to the literature on Australian administrative law, and meets a real need for a concise text that offers a sophisticated treatment of this topical and important core subject.

To get the most from this text, read it in conjunction with Cases for Principles of Administrative Law.



  1. Why Does Administrative Law Matter?
  2. The Scope of Judicial Review
  3. Judicial Review Remedies and the Consequences of Legal Error
  4. Administrative Law Norms (AKA the Grounds of Review)
  5. Access to Judicial Review
  6. Restricting Judicial Review
  7. Tribunals and Merits Review
  8. Beyond Courts and Tribunals
  9. Freedom of Information
  10. Values and Effects of Administrative Law



Peter Cane – Senior Research Fellow, Christ’s College, Cambridge, and Emeritus Distinguished Professor, Australian National University
Leighton McDonald – Associate Professor, Law School, Australia National University
Kristen Rundle – Associate Professor, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

Lecturer Resources

The following resources are available for lecturers who prescribe Principles of Administrative Law, third edition, for their course:

  • Instructor’s Resource Manual, with:
    • Chapter summary
    • Chapter objectives
    • Key terms
    • Tutorial activity
    • Short-answer questions and answers
    • Revision questions and answers
    • Sample essay and suggested response
    • Further reading list
  • Test bank, with:
    • True or False questions with answers
    • Short-answer questions and answers
    • Multiple choice questions with answers

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Sample Pages

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Chapter 2: The Scope of Judicial Review