Sports Law

Third Edition

David Thorpe, Antonio Buti, Chris Davies, Paul Jonson

Sports Law

Third Edition

David Thorpe, Antonio Buti, Chris Davies, Paul Jonson






6 Feb 2018




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Sports Law introduces the body of law that governs all sporting activities in Australia - from the local clubs to the professional commercial leagues - examining the areas of law that apply  to sport such as tort, criminal liability, contract, intellectual property, marketing, trade, and competition.

Supported by contemporary examples and discussions, the third edition explores recent events such as the ASADA investigation into the use of supplements by the Essendon Football Club, and highlights key issues of importance in sport such as concussion, gambling, governance, and doping.

This text presents complex legal concepts in clear and engaging language, offering a comprehensive analysis of Australian and international sports law, and helps students understand how the law applies to sporting activities with end-of-chapter discussion questions and hypothetical scenarios.


  • Expanded coverage of governance and doping, including discussion of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code
  • New topical cases and discussion of recent controversies in Australian and international sports
  • Updated case examples and discussion questions  to assist with assessment preparation
  • Fully updated to reflect major legislative changes



  1. Introduction
    Chris Davies
  2. Organisational Structure and Governance
    Paul Jonson
  3. Sport Tribunals
    David Thorpe & Paul Jonson
  4. Violence
    David Thorpe
  5. Negligence and Civil Liability
    David Thorpe
  6. Common Law Torts, Insurance and Risk Management
    Chris Davies
  7. Corruption and Gambling in Sport
    David Thorpe
  8. Doping
    Tony Buti & David Thorpe
  9. Employment
    Tony Buti
  10. Agency
    Tony Buti
  11. Trade and Competition
    David Thorpe & Chris Davies
  12. Intellectual Property
    Paul Jonson
  13. Marketing
    Paul Jonson
  14. Athlete Selection
    David Thorpe
  15. Behavioural Misconduct
    David Thorpe
  16. Discrimination
    Tony Buti
  17. Children
    Chris Davies
  18. Terms of a Sporting Contract
    Tony Buti



David Thorpe – Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney
Antonio Buti – Member of WA Parliament and Senior Honorary Fellow, School of Law, University of Western Australia
Chris Davies – Associate Professor, College of Business, Law and Governance, James Cook University
Paul Jonson – Associate Professor, Faculty of Business, University of Technology Sydney

Lecturer Resources

The following resources are available for lecturers who prescribe Sports Law, third edition, for their course. They include:

  • An Instructor’s Resource Manual, with:
    • Chapter summaries
    • Chapter objectives
    • Key terms
    • Tutorial activities with marking guidelines
    • Short-answer and revision questions with suggested responses.

For more information about the resources for Sports Law, third edition, please contact your Oxford Learning Resource Consultant.

Sample Pages

Read a sample from Sports Law 3rd edition.

Chapter 2: Organisational Structure and Governance