Contract Law in Context

Jason Harris, Christopher Croese

Contract Law in Context

Jason Harris, Christopher Croese






1 Jan 2015


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Contract Law in Context was previously published by CCH Australia.
Contract Law in Context presents the law of contract in its commercial context. This new title discusses the principles of contract law by following the life cycle of a commercial contract from negotiation to formation, execution, application and interpretation, and then to termination and remedies. The commentary includes references to other important areas of law, such as competition and consumer law, agency law and corporate law. This ensures readers better understand the context within which commercial contracts operate in the real world.
Key cases and core principles are explained in terms of their relevance to real life commercial examples, rather than as abstract rules to be remembered and applied. A number of checklists, practical tips, and summaries of key cases and important concepts are included to help students understand the importance and relevance of contract law to business transactions.


1. Introduction and Overview
2. Negotiating the Contract
3. Formation of the Contract
4. The Content of the Contract
5. Performing the contract
6. Changing the contract
7. Ending the contract
8. Undoing the contract: vitiating factors
9. The consequences of ending the contract: remedies
Case Table


Jason Harris: Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney

Christopher Croese: External Engagement Coordinator, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney

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Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview