A Song in the Mist

Fiona Woodcock, Corrinne Averiss

A Song in the Mist

Fiona Woodcock, Corrinne Averiss






25 Nov 2021




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Chi is a panda who loves to listen.
Being silent brings sounds to her ears: the swish of bamboo, the chitter of birds, and then one day, a new sound, gentle and sweet. The sound leads Chi to a boy, who blows breath through a piece of bamboo. Chi is enchanted and longs to make friends, but she is shy and hides instead.
As the boy searches for Chi and mist gathers in the forest, she must find the courage to help him-even if it means being seen...


Illustrator Fiona Woodcock

Author Corrinne Averiss

Fiona is the author and illustrator of Hiding Heidi , Poppy and the Blooms and Look and Hello . Look was the winner of the prestigious AOI World Illustration Award (Children>'s Books/Professional category 2019). Look and Hello were both selected for The Society of Illustrators Original Art Show in New York. Fiona>'s debut book Hiding Heidi was nominated for the CILIP Greenaway Award, as were her illustrations for A Dot in the Snow by Corrinne Averiss and The Snow Dragon by Abi Elphinstone, which was also chosen as an Independent Booksellers>' Children>'s Book of the Month and in The Guardian>'s Best Books of the Year. Fiona creates her unique illustrations with children>'s blow pens, rubber stamps, stencils and by experimenting with printing techniques. Corrinne is the author of My Pet Star, winner of the Sainsbury>'s Children>'s Book of the Year and Stockport Children>'s Book Award and in over 450,000 homes as part of Booktrust>'s Pyjamarama campaign. Her first book, A Dot in the Snow, illustrated by Fiona Woodcock, was nominated for the CILIP Greenaway award, featured on CBeebies>' Bedtime Stories and in The Sunday Times>' Books of the Year. She is the author of Joy, Hope, and Love, Sorrel and the Sleepover, The Boy on the Bench and Floss the Playground Boss. She is drawn to themes of identity and belonging and aims to deliver big feelings with humour and tenderness.


"A Song in the Mist by Corrinne Averiss with illustrations by Fiona Woodcock has to be one of the most beautiful picture books of the year. It is perfect for bedtime, full of magic as wonder just like a dream." - David Walliams

Corrinne Averiss, yet again, conjures a world where young minds (and those that still feel young) can imagine, explore, and take a moment to breathe. - David Oakes, Actor

With soft-focus illustrations by Woodcock, Averiss conjures up a far-away world where music drifts through the bamboo groves and a friendship evolves inspired by gentle music. - Blackbird Pie Magazine

Praise for A Dot in the Snow: "Breathtakingly lovely. I adored this book." - Cerrie Burnell

Praise for A Dot in the Snow: "A soft, snowy and beautiful picture book about friendship and family... with a gentle environmental theme" - Booktrust

Praise for A Dot in the Snow: "A simple story, but full of energy and vigour, and with moments of drama and poignancy. Fiona Woodcock's illustrations create swirling snowstorms and moments of tenderness between parent and child with equal skill." - Love Reading 4 Kids