OZBOX: Learning Through Literacy Year 4

Annie Facchinetti

OZBOX: Learning Through Literacy Year 4

Annie Facchinetti






18 May 2016




Oxford Primary Atlas

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OZBOX: Learning Through Literacy is a program for years 3—6 that provides full coverage of the Australian Curriculum for Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, specifically History and Geography. The program is ideal for shared, guided and independent reading and writing. 

OZBOX provides educators with a flexible approach to allow for differentiated instruction. The program includes four individual topic cards for each Australian Curriculum content description. The cards are written at different reading levels, allowing all students to learn the content outlined in the Australian Curriculum.

Click HERE to see how OZBOX aligns with the Australian Curriculum. 

Click HERE to see how OZBOX aligns with the NSW Syllabus.

Year 4 OZBOX contains: 24 Geography topic cards | 16 History topic cards | 20 Science topic cards (60 topic cards)*. *There are 6 copies of each topic card to facilitate group work.

Student Resources

Student topic cards: 

  • provide opportunities for students to practise comprehension skills and strategies 
  • provide opportunities for students to demonstrate research and writing skills 
  • are suitable for shared, guided and independent reading and writing 
  • include QR codes that link to real-life videos, allowing for deeper learning and engagement with the subject content.

Teacher Resources

OZBOX Online Professional Support can be found on Oxford Owl.

Each OZBOX kit comes with an activation code allowing teachers to easily access the online support materials, including interactive topic cards and comprehensive professional support materials.

OZBOX teacher support materials include:

  • Interactive topic cards, including glossaries and inquiry-based learning menus 
  • Professional support notes for each topic card 
  • Activity sheets and Graphic organisers 
  • Pre- and post-knowledge tests (including answers)
  • Student self-assessment template 
  • Class tracking document 
  • Information sheet about comprehension behaviours 
  • Information sheet about using third-party videos safely in the classroom.

Note: An OZBOX licence is an individual teacher licence for the entire lifetime of the product.

Sample Pages

To view samples of OZBOX online, please click HERE.