Kangaroo Reads Pack 1: Oxford Levels 1+-4

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Kangaroo Reads Pack 1: Oxford Levels 1+-4

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4 Nov 2019




Kangaroo Reads

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Pack Information:

This Kangaroo Reads Pack 1 includes 52 fiction and non-fiction titles for Oxford Levels 1+–4 (reading level 1–9).

Series information

Kangaroo Reads is a new series of 150 take-home readers for Years F–3. These finely levelled texts cover a range of topics across both fiction and non-fiction, and are guaranteed to engage any young reader.

The series:

  • comprises a range of fiction and non-fiction student titles
  • includes beautiful illustrations and photos to keep young readers engaged
  • includes parent notes on the inside cover to help young readers achieve success for at-home reading
  • is aligns to Oxford Levels and reading levels.

Student Resources

The titles included in this pack are:

9780190321093: Balloon Ride
9780190321109: Fun at the Beach
9780190321116: I See
9780190321123: I Hear!
9780190321130: A Plant Has Needs
9780190321147: A Bear Cub Grows
9780190321154: I Like
9780190321161: On the Playground
9780190321178: Our Day
9780190321185: Our Pets
9780190321192: At the Zoo
9780190321208: Hat Day at the Zoo
9780190321215: A Party for Rabbit
9780190321222: At The Birthday Party
9780190321239: My Rocks
9780190321246: What We Like
9780190321253: On a Coral Reef
9780190321260: Sam
9780190321277: Farm Work
9780190321284: Working Together
9780190321291: Look at the Animals
9780190321307: Counting Seeds
9780190321314: The Birthday Flowers
9780190321321: Little Cat Goes Fast
9780190321338: The Garage Sale
9780190321345: Fox in the Forest
9780190321352: Water
9780190321369: What Comes in Twos?
9780190321376: My Beach Bag
9780190321383: Rainy Day, Sunny Day
9780190321390: Mrs. Kangaroo's Trip
9780190321406: The Cake
9780190321413: Bigger Than? Smaller Than?
9780190321420: Ducklings Grow Up
9780190321437: Three Kinds of Water
9780190321444: Little Chick
9780190321451: Not Now, Sam
9780190321468: Ed Makes Shapes!
9780190321475: Doing Jobs Together
9780190321482: Animal Families
9780190321499: Communication Then and Now
9780190321505: Marta's Cupcake Problem
9780190321512: Sit, Sam
9780190321529: Max's Job
9780190321536: How I Go
9780190321543: Little Lion
9780190321550: Jake's Sleepover
9780190321567: How Raven Became Black and Owl Got Its Spots
9780190321574: Counting Clues
9780190321581: Ready for Fall
9780190321598: What Pushes? What Pulls?
9780190321604: Changing Weather