Kangaroo Reads Pack 2: Oxford Levels 5-7

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Kangaroo Reads Pack 2: Oxford Levels 5-7

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10 Dec 2019




Kangaroo Reads

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Pack Information

This Kangaroo Reads Pack 2 includes 52 fiction and non-fiction titles for Oxford Levels 5–7 (reading level 10–17)

Series information

Kangaroo Reads is a new series of 150 take-home readers for Years F–3. These finely levelled texts cover a range of topics across both fiction and non-fiction, and are guaranteed to engage any young reader.

The series:

  • comprises a range of fiction and non-fiction student titles
  • includes beautiful illustrations and photos to keep young readers engaged
  • includes parent notes on the inside cover to help young readers achieve success for at-home reading
  • is aligned to Oxford Levels and reading levels.

Student Resources

The titles included in this pack are:

9780190321611: Rocket Ship Shapes
9780190321628: A Good Pick
9780190321635: Light
9780190321642: Ocean Animals
9780190321659: The Arctic
9780190321666: What is Motion?
9780190321673: A New Friend
9780190321680: The Race to Recycle
9780190321697: Sam Is Special
9780190321703: Sam Finds the Way
9780190321710: Everyone Clapped for Jason
9780190321727: Your Body
9780190321734: Where Does Your Rubbish Go?
9780190321741: The Very Mean King
9780190321758: Caterpillar Can't Wait!
9780190321765: See You in Spring
9780190321772: Miss Keen Needs Help
9780190321789: The Lost Pirate
9780190321796: Friends
9780190321802: Watch a Butterfly Grow
9780190321819: Using Resources to Build
9780190321826: Unlucky Stanley
9780190321833: Bitsy the Beaver
9780190321840: Let's Look at the Dinosaurs
9780190321857: Clouds
9780190321864: The Wright Brothers
9780190321871: Hiding In the Sea
9780190321888: The Farm Stand Mystery
9780190321895: Rocks
9780190321901: The Power of Nature
9780190321918: Communication
9780190321925: Charlie's Museum Adventure
9780190321932: A Happy Summer Day
9780190321949: The Great Green Forest
9780190321956: Finding Fossils
9780190321963: Our Moon
9780190321970: Shrimp Joins the Team
9780190321987: The Mystery of the Missing Cookies
9780190321994: Sharing Our Stories
9780190322007: Animal Groups
9780190322014: Clothes Long Ago
9780190322021: Cotton Plant to Cotton Shirt
9780190322038: Simple Machines
9780190322045: A Healthy Earth
9780190322052: The Bee Puzzle
9780190322069: Charlie's Championships
9780190322076: The Missing Parrot
9780190322083: The Royal Zookeeper
9780190322090: Erosion
9780190322106: My Body
9780190322113: Making a Terrarium
9780190322120: Working with Estimation