Kangaroo Reads Pack 3: Oxford Levels 8-10

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Kangaroo Reads Pack 3: Oxford Levels 8-10

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31 Jan 2020




Kangaroo Reads

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Pack Information

This Kangaroo Reads Pack 3 includes 46 fiction and non-fiction titles for Oxford Levels 8–10 (reading level 18–24)

Series information

Kangaroo Reads is a new series of 150 take-home readers for Years F–3. These finely levelled texts cover a range of topics across both fiction and non-fiction, and are guaranteed to engage any young reader.

The series:

  • comprises a range of fiction and non-fiction student titles
  • includes beautiful illustrations and photos to keep young readers engaged
  • includes parent notes on the inside cover to help young readers achieve success for at-home reading
  • is aligned to Oxford Levels and reading levels.

Student Resources

This titles included in this pack are:

9780190322137:  Oops! Why Did I Do That?
9780190322144:  Your Nervous System
9780190322151:  Ants
9780190322168:  We Are All Alike
9780190322175:  A Visit to the United Nations
9780190322182:  How Animals Change and Grow
9780190322199:  Children as Young Scientists
9780190322205:  Honeybees Help Flowers
9780190322212:  The Great, Big, Giant Turnip
9780190322229:  The Earth on Turtle's Back
9780190322236:  Mountains
9780190322243:  Fossils
9780190322250:  Fun With Fingerprints
9780190322267:  Stump Hill
9780190322274:  Mondo and Gordo Weather the Storm
9780190322281:  The Big Party
9780190322298:  Louis Pasteur
9780190322304:  Your Heart
9780190322311:  Incredible, Edible Plants
9780190322328:  Butterflies and Moths
9780190322335:  Earth's Water Cycle
9780190322342:  How We Group Animals
9780190322359:  The King's Mapmaker
9780190322366:  Origami
9780190322373:  Volcanoes
9780190322380:  Symmetry in Our World
9780190322397:  The Red Cross
9780190322403:  Finding Shapes and Solids
9780190322410:  Frances the Fairy Dressmaker
9780190322427:  Color
9780190322434:  Treasure Hunt
9780190322441:  Mount St. Helens
9780190322458:  Cookie Count!
9780190322465:  Polar Habitats
9780190322472:  How Do Trees Grow?
9780190322489:  Environmentally Friendly World
9780190322496:  Samantha Saves the Stream
9780190322502:  Jane Goodall
9780190322519:  Birthdays Around the World
9780190322526:  Cars
9780190322533:  The Cooking Contest
9780190322540:  Pete Discovers Gravity
9780190322557:  Taking Photographs
9780190322564:  Plant and Animal Partners
9780190322571:  Fun With Magnets
9780190322588:  Gravity