Oxford Literacy Assess Linking Reading Assessment to Instruction

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Oxford Literacy Assess Linking Reading Assessment to Instruction

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11 Nov 2013




Oxford Literacy Assess

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Oxford Literacy Assess is a world-class print and online reading assessment solution that has been developed in Australia for Australian educators. The resource:

  • provides support in key areas of reading assessment: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and sight-word vocabulary
  • is based on the latest Australian and international research, and the assessment texts have been developed using the Oxford Wordlist research
  • has been trialled and tested in Australian government, independent and Catholic schools, and tested and proven against other reading assessment programs.

Oxford Literacy Assess includes:

  • 60 accurately levelled reading assessments for levels 1–30.
  • 30 fiction assessment texts for levels 1–30.
  • 30 non-fiction assessment texts for levels 1–30.
  • 60 Reading Records.
  • Contemporary stories and high-interest non-fiction texts.
  • A range of text types and text forms.
  • A new edition of the ultimate professional support resource, Read Record Respond, which provides comprehensive instructions on how to use the Oxford Literacy Assess assessment tools and allows educators to move effectively from assessment to instruction.

To find out more about Oxford Literacy Assess, please CLICK HERE to contact an Oxford Primary Consultant.


Our Literacy Experts:


Anne Lecturers in special education at Flinders University, South Australia, and focuses on literacy and numeracy students with learning difficulties. Anne brings her knowledge of assessment, planning and the instruction of reading and written language to classroom practitioners.

As the author of the Oxford Wordlist Stage 2 Research Study Summary Report, Read Record Respond and Spell Record, Respond: Moving from Assessment to Instruction, Anne Provides professional development to school leaders and educators.


Robyn is an experienced literacy education consultant. She has brought her expertise to Oxford Literacy Assess by creating rigorous levelling criteria for the assessment texts and conducting extensive classroom trialling of all 60 assessment texts.

Prior to her role as a consultant for Oxford Literacy Assess, Robyn was a Regional Literacy Leader for the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and a Reading Recovery Tutor.

In addition to nearly 30 years of literacy experience in the Australian primary education system, Robyn spent over four years working in the American education system. There she designed, coordinated and delivered literacy professional development to district leadership, principals, coaches and teachers across the USA.

Teacher Resources

Read Record Respond is the professional support tool that comes with Oxford Literacy Assess. Read Record Respond takes educators through a cycle of:

  • Oral reading assessment.
  • Analysis of students’ reading responses, with an increased emphasis on comprehension.
  • Identification of learning goals.
  • Selection of instructional approaches to teach specific reading strategies, with greater support for teaching comprehension.

Read Record Respond
is based on the latest research and addresses key questions, including:

  • What makes effective teachers of reading?
  • Reading stages and levels: what are students showing us?
  • What do independent and successful readers do?
  • What are meaning, structure and visual (MSV) skills?
  • Why is comprehension so important?
  • What is fluency and why is it important?

The Read Record Respond obook is an online version of the print professional support resource. The obook includes:

  • ‘extras’ such as PDFs of the 60 reading
  • records and the 20 additional assessment checklists, which can be used to assess different aspects of reading more deeply
  • professional support videos
  • audio recordings of a reading assessment being carried out
  • the ability to personalise your copy of the obook by adding notes and bookmarks, and highlighting text.

Sample Pages

Watch this short video to see how the Oxford Literacy Assess data management platform works.


Watch this short video to see how the Oxford Literacy Assess online reading record works.