Yarning Strong This is Country! Pack of 6

Theme : Land

Gayle Kennedy, Ross Carnsew

Yarning Strong This is Country! Pack of 6

Theme : Land

Gayle Kennedy, Ross Carnsew






3 Jan 2014




Yarning Strong Series

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Yarning Strong aims to reach out and engage all young people – both indigenous and non-indigenous – and deepen their awareness and understanding of what’s it’s really like to be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in contemporary Australia.

The series provides explicit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s perspectives, which has long been considered best pedagogical practice for schools. Yarning Strong offers a comprehensive and accessible resource that educators can use without fear of causing offence or perpetuating inaccurate stereotypes.


Gayle Kennedy
Gayle is a member of the Wongaiibon clan of the Nyaampa-speaking nation of south-west New South Wales. Her career includes four years as Indigenous issues editor/writer for Streetwize Comics and writing the award-winning novel Me, Antman & Fleabag. Gayle is a widely-published freelance writer, and a campaigner for the rights of people with disabilities.

Ross Carnsew
Ross spent eigthteen years as a cartoonist, researcher, board member and art director at Streetwize Comics, communicating a diverse range of social issues to young people and Indigenous communities. He met Gayle Kennedy at Streetwize, and they have enjoyed a long and successful collaboration. Ross now works freelance.