TreeTops Graphic Novels Level 13 Cave of Secrets

Vicki Low, Mike Rooth

TreeTops Graphic Novels Level 13 Cave of Secrets

Vicki Low, Mike Rooth






20 Jan 2014




Oxford Reading Tree Treetops Graphic Novels

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Cave of Secrets is about Natasha, a talented young artist who seems uncomfortable with her skill. She accompanies a group of cave experts on an expedition and they discover some prehistoric cave paintings. The story flashes back to the cave paintings being made and Natasha discovers secrets of the past and learns more about herself.  

TreeTops Graphic Novels bring historical periods to life. These 24 action-packed graphic novels combine fiction and non-fiction texts in the one theme - from Vikings to gladiators and pirates to code-breakers.

  • Non-fiction pages throughout give context and add depth to the stories to support comprehension
  • A different kind of reading challenge to engage your readers, especially the boys. 
  • Short captions of text, closely linked to the pictures, are perfect for second-language learners
  • Incredible stories are woven around amazing characters and events, exciting themes and stunning artwork to engage both independent and reluctant readers
  • Cross-curricular topics in history and geography stimulate discussion and inspire creative writing.


Author: Vicki Low

Illustrator: Mike Rooth