Maths Plus VIC Australian Curriculum Ed Student and Assessment Book 3 Value Pack

Harry O'Brien

Maths Plus VIC Australian Curriculum Ed Student and Assessment Book 3 Value Pack

Harry O'Brien




Value Pack


5 Sep 2016




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Maths Plus:

  • follows a graded and spiralling approach, allowing teachers to revisit concepts throughout the year
  • provides students with opportunities to sequentially develop their skills and knowledge in the three strands of the Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics.

This value pack consists of one Student Book and one Assessment Book for Year 3.

Student Resources

Student Books: 

  • Student activity pages are colour-coded to match the three Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. 
  • Victorian Curriculum: Mathematics content descriptions, proficiency strands and cross-curriculum area references included at the base of every student activity page. 
  • Four diagnostic term reviews (Years 1–6) to assess concepts and skills. 
  • Investigation units to allow students to apply their knowledge and show their understanding.

Assessment Books: 

  • Include short post-tests for each topic. 
  • Supported by a suggested teaching and testing schedule available on the Teacher Dashboard. 
  • Simple marking system enables easy conversion to percentages.

Teacher Resources

The Maths Plus Teacher Dashboard subscription provides online access to a wealth of resources and support material for Foundation to Year 6. Used in conjunction with the Maths Plus Student Books, Mentals and Homework Books, and Assessment Books, it offers teachers access to: 

  • curricula and planning documents
  • assessment and grading guides 
  • interactive unit introductions 
  • potential difficulties videos
  • learning, support and extension activities.

The Teacher Dashboard is accessed via Oxford Owl.

For Dashboard subscription options, contact your local Oxford Education Consultant.