Oxford Maths for Australian Schools Student and Assessment Book Yr 1 Value Pack

Second Edition

Annie Facchinetti, Brian Murray

Oxford Maths for Australian Schools Student and Assessment Book Yr 1 Value Pack

Second Edition

Annie Facchinetti, Brian Murray




Value Pack


30 Jul 2020




Oxford Maths

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Oxford Maths features:

  • Student Books with guided, independent and extend practice to cater for differentiation
  • Assessment Books featuring full-page pre- and post-tests for every topic
  • Student Dashboards with adaptive pre-tests, practice quizzes, post-tests, and digital access to the Student Book
  • Teacher Dashboards with access to a wealth of teaching resources and support materials
  • Updated grading guide for the Assessment Books via the Teacher dashboard

This series:

  • has been designed by experienced classroom teachers to support sequential acquisition of mathematical skills, concepts, and knowledge
  • is based on a developmental approach that incorporates initial scaffolding, which is gradually reduced to allow students to become confident and independent mathematicians
  • is fully aligned with the Australian and Victorian Curricula, and the NSW Syllabus.

Each Student Book is packaged with a corresponding Assessment Book and sold as a Value Pack. Teacher and Student Dashboards are free when booklisting or can be sold separately.

Please note: we have a variety of purchasing options to suit your school’s needs. Please contact your Education Consultant to learn more.

Student Resources

The Oxford Maths Student Books are an integral part of the Oxford Maths series, and come packaged with corresponding Assessment Books.

In Student Books:

  • topics follow a scope and sequence that supports the sequential acquisition of mathematical skills, concepts and knowledge
  • student activity pages cover the Mathematics content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability

In Assessment Books:

  • pre-tests allow educators to identify each student’s level of topic readiness, covering foundational content from the previous year and, where relevant, the breadth of subject matter for each topic at the target year level
  • post-tests allow educators to measure student growth, confirm the effectiveness of the learning sequence and identify areas of further need for the topic or concept.

Teacher Resources

The Oxford Maths Teacher Dashboards provide online access to a wealth of resources and support materials for Foundation to Year 6, offering teachers access to clear teaching and learning pathways to meet the diverse needs of students in a single class and across the whole school.

The Teacher Dashboards offer:

  • a digital version of the Student Book (with notetaking and bookmarking functionality)
  • curricula and planning documents
  • learning sequences supporting differentiation pathways
  • topic interactives
  • videos exploring potential difficulties within topics
  • access to student pre-tests, online quizzes and post-tests
  • blackline masters, activity sheets, and mastery tasks
  • assessment grading guides
  • answers.

The Teacher Dashboards also incorporate Markbook functionality. Markbook provides an easy-to-access snapshot of class and student progress, enabling teachers to view test performance, highlight areas of success and identify opportunities for additional support.

With Markbook, teachers can:

  • view and adjust student ability group (extension, at standard, support)
  • view and print results from practice quizzes and post-tests
  • filter test results by class or group
  • view results and progress reports by unit or topic
  • export results and progress reports
  • chart students’ results and compare them to class averages
  • add comments to student results
  • create, track and record custom assessment task results.

The Teacher Dashboard is accessed via Oxford Owl.
For Dashboard subscription options, contact your local Oxford Education Consultant.

Sample Pages

See how the Student and Assessment Books work in context of the whole Oxford Maths program and preview samples from components within the series, including an overview of new digital resources.

Download the Oxford Maths evaluation pack.