Oxford Big Ideas Eco & Bus/Civics& Cit 9&10 Vic Curr Student book + obook assess

Student book + 12-month student digital licence

Joanne Wilson, Annie Wilson

Oxford Big Ideas Eco & Bus/Civics& Cit 9&10 Vic Curr Student book + obook assess

Student book + 12-month student digital licence

Joanne Wilson, Annie Wilson




Paperback + obook


14 Oct 2016




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Oxford Big Ideas Economics & Business | Civics & Citizenship Victorian Curriculum provides complete coverage of Years 9 and 10 content from the Victorian Curriculum: Economics and Business and Victorian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship in one series.
Take a semester-based approach or deliver separate electives.

Key features:

  • Combines high-interest content with a range of up-to-the-minute case studies designed to be relevant to students’ lives.
  • Offers premium digital resources designed for all classrooms – content and interactive resources designed to work across all devices with no ongoing subscription costs for the life of the edition.
  • Supports student progress and understanding with self-marking online quizzes – choose from hundreds of graded assessment tasks mapped explicitly to the Victorian Curriculum and receive instant feedback on student progress.
  • Clear instructional language supports student understanding and stunning images, illustrations and source materials engage even the most reluctant learners.

obook assess

Oxford’s premium digital learning solution encompasses a suite of resources to support teachers and students, including interactives, tests, answers, videos, differentiated worksheets, teaching notes and more. Click here for more information.

Free taster courses

Give your Year 10 students a taste of senior Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies courses and empower them to make informed subject selections for the following year. Oxford Taster Courses introduce students to what they can expect to learn in Year 11 with informative topic spreads, case studies, glossaries and ‘check your learning’ questions. Answers to every question are provided to teachers in an accompanying booklet.

Available free of charge to schools booklisting Big Ideas Humanities 10 and Big Ideas Economics & Business | Civics & Citizenship 9 & 10, Taster Courses can be downloaded via the Teacher Resources tab on Oxford Digital.



Concepts and skills

Chapter 1 The economics and business toolkit

YEAR 9 Unit 1 Resource allocation and making choices

Chapter 2 Understanding the economy

YEAR 9 Unit 2 Consumer and financial literacy

Chapter 3 Managing financial risks and rewards

YEAR 9 Unit 3 Work and work futures

Chapter 4 The changing work environment

YEAR 10 Unit 1 Enterprising behaviours and capabilities

Chapter 5 Measuring Australia's economic performance

Chapter 6 Living standards

YEAR 10 Unit 2 Work and work futures

Chapter 7 The business environment

PART 2 Civics and Citizenship

Concepts and skills

Chapter 8 The civics and citizenship toolkit

YEAR 9 Unit 1 Government and democracy

Chapter 9 Government, democracy and the citizen

YEAR 9 Unit 2 Laws and citizens

Chapter 10 Australia's legal system

YEAR 10 Unit 1 Government and democracy

Chapter 11 Australia's democracy and the global context

YEAR 10 Unit 2 Laws and citizens

Chapter 12 The Australian Constitution and the High Court

Chapter 13 Australia's international legal obligations





Joanne Wilson is a writer, publisher and teacher with many years’ experience in the education sector. Having taught in both private and government schools, Joanne is an accomplished History teacher and has contributed to numerous textbooks and digital learning resources in the field of Humanities and Social Science.

Annie Wilson is an experienced Civics and Business Studies teacher who has been passionately teaching and developing curriculum materials for 30 years. She is the author of numerous textbooks and has prepared a range of teaching and learning resources for various publishers and subject associations, including the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA). Annie is currently teaching at Presbyterian Ladies’ College (Melbourne) and is actively involved in providing professional development to VCE Legal Studies teachers and student revision lectures.

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