IB Course Book: English A Literature

Hannah Tyson, Mark Beverley

IB Course Book: English A Literature

Hannah Tyson, Mark Beverley






7 Aug 2012




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Written by experienced IB workshop leaders and authors of the new syllabus including Hannah Tyson, this book addresses all the requirements of the 2011 course at both standard and higher level. The most comprehensive, academic and engaging, it will build knowledge, skills and confidence. Literature in translation and the close reading of different genres are a focus, in line with the new syllabus, and assessment support direct from the IB along with strategies for reading and writing, model examples and marked assessments ensure exceptional achievement. TOK, the Extended Essay and close mapping to the learner profile is included.

·Developed with the IB so you can trust in the most accurate match to the syllabus
·The most comprehensive and written by authors of the most recent syllabus
·Evocative activities develop the highest levels of critical thought, truly in line with the IB philosophy
·A huge selection of fiction and non-fiction texts will engage students and stimulate learning
·Activities help students develop the key skills and knowledge they need, including understanding and writing literary criticism, creating oral and written commentaries and preparing for the oral presentation
·Unrivalled assessment support, straight from the IB, including model answers to support top achievement

About the series:
The only DP resources developed directly with the IB, the Oxford IB Course Books are the most comprehensive core resources to support learners through their study. Fully incorporating the learner profile, resources are assessed by consulting experts in international-mindedness and TOK to ensure these crucial components are deeply embedded into learning.


1: Nine propositions about reading
2: The Golden Triangle: three vectors for writing with style
3: Close reading as a practice
4: Tackling Paper 1
5: The individual oral commentary
6: The individual oral presentation
7: Literature in translation
8: Writing: completing the assessment
9: Conventions and genre
10: Drama
11: Poetry
12: The novel and short story
13: Prose other than fiction: the autobiography
14: Prose other than fiction: the travel narrative
15: Prose other than fiction: the essay
16: How to write an essay for the Paper 2 exam
17: The extended essay


Hannah Tyson

Mark Beverley


`I highly recommend this book. It gives guidelines and suggestions on how to teach literature, but does not impose any restrictions on how and when to use given material. It is also organized in a way that follows the syllabus which is helpful to teachers.' English Teacher, Druga Gimnazija Sarajevo

`What I particularly like is the student responses along with the examiner's comments. This makes the whole approach more realistic and gives students a firsthand experience of what an exam is like and how examiners assess. I have also found particularly innovative the interdisciplinary links with TOK.' IB Coordinator, Greece

`The Oxford course books are the best ever resource for both teachers and students. They are practical, insightful and fully in line with the IB Course outcomes.' Pat Hanson, IB Coordinator, Academy for the Holy Cross, USA

`All of the Oxford IB course books are terrific.' Carolyn Hawkins, IB Coordinator, Cookeville High School, USA

`We have adopted most of the Oxford IB course books for our school. We find them well written, well linked to TOK issues and age appropriate.' Sheta Saha, IB Coordinator, Chatsworth International School, Singapore

`Students' and teachers' reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. I have found the introductory layout very helpful and user-friendly. In addition, the focus on different approaches to literary analysis has been very helpful for the students.' Fiona Guertler, Head of English, International School, Dusseldorf

`Your IB books are totally addictive. Thank you for developing such fantastic material.' Maggie Prieto, Head of Languages, Bachillerato Alexander Bain, Mexico