PDHPE Application and Inquiry Second Edition Preliminary Course

Second Edition

Frida Hristofski, Deb Clarke, Stan Browne

PDHPE Application and Inquiry Second Edition Preliminary Course

Second Edition

Frida Hristofski, Deb Clarke, Stan Browne




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23 Sep 2009




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Oxford’s successful PDHPE Application & Inquiry series has been extensively revised by a team of highly respected teachers, educators and HSC markers to provide concise and clear coverage of the revised Stage 6 syllabus. Updated statistics, articles, and overviews of trends and practices in the areas of physical and mental health, physical activity and first aid will enable students to complete the course successfully. A new, full colour design has been tailored to appeal to students. Enhanced artwork and contemporary photographs including step by step instructional photography, will appeal to visual learners.

Title overview (PDF)


Core 1: Better Health for Individuals

Chapter 1 What does health mean to individuals?
Chapter 2 What influences the health of individuals?
Chapter 3 What strategies help to promote the health of individuals?

Core 2: The Body in Motion

Chapter 4 How do the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems of the body influence and respond to movement?
Chapter 5 What is the relationship between physical fitness, training and movement efficiency?
Chapter 6 How do biomechanical principles influence movement?

Option 1: First Aid
Chapter 7 What are the main priorities for assessment and management of first aid patients?
Chapter 8 How should the major types of injuries and medical conditions be managed in first aid situations?
Chapter 9 What does the individual need to consider in administering first aid?

Option 2: Composition and Performance
Chapter 10 How do the elements of composition apply to different movement mediums?
Chapter 11 How are the elements used to compose movement?
Chapter 12 What is the role of appraisal in the process of composing and performing?

Option 3: Fitness Choices
Chapter 13 What does exercise mean to different people?
Chapter 14 What are the ways people choose to exercise for fitness?
Chapter 15 What influences people's choice of fitness activities?

Option 4: Outdoor Recreation
Chapter 16 What is the value of outdoor recreation?
Chapter 17 What are the technical skills and understanding needed for safe participation in outdoor recreation?
Chapter 18 What impact does group dynamics have on the outdoor experience?

Student Resources

Chapter 1

page 22 weblink: Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing (AIHW) report Young Australians: Their Health and Wellbeing

page 23 weblink: AIHW report Making Progress: The Health, Development and Wellbeing of Australia's Children and Young People

Chapter 2

page 51 weblink:United Nations

page 51 weblink: World Health Organization

page 51 weblink: Unicef

Chapter 3

page 63 weblink: ACT Health Promotion

page 63 weblink: Ontario Health Promotion On-line Course

page 65 weblink: Medicare Australia

page 66 weblink: Australian Human Rights Commission

Chapter 4

page 70 weblink: Australian Sports Commission

page 71 weblink: Anatomy on the Internet

page 71 weblink: Human Anatomy Online

page 89 3D animation: Structure of the human lungs

To view this animation download Shockwave Player
Click here to view animation page 95 3D animation: Structure of the human heart

To view this animation download Shockwave Player
Click here to view animation page 93 weblink: The Franklin Institute: The Human Heart www.fi.edu/learn/heart/

Chapter 5

page 100 weblink: Peak Performance

page 100 weblink: Top End Sports: Fitness Testing

page 100 weblink: The Australian Institute of Sport: Nutrition Fact Sheets—Sports

page 100 weblink: P.E. Links 4U

page 100 weblink: Physical Education Update

page 119 weblink: Topendsports

page 121 weblink: Roger Marquis: Coaching Classics

page 121 weblink: Sports Med Web

page 122 weblink: Masters Athletee: Physiology and Performance

page 124 weblink: Masters Athletee: Physiology and Performance

Chapter 6

page 130 weblink: Australian Institute of Sport

page 130 weblink: Peak Performancex

page 130 weblink: Exploratorium: Sport Science

page 142 weblink: ABC Catalyst

Chapter 11

page 219 weblink: Encyclopaedia Britannica

page 219 weblink: Yahoo directory: Dance category

page 225 weblink: Gymnastics Australia

page 225 weblink: Gymnastics NSW

page 228 weblink: Turnstep

page 228 weblink: International Fitness Association

page 228 weblink: ABC Health and Wellbeing: Aerobics

Chapter 13

page 252 weblink: Healthy Active

Chapter 15

page 270 weblink: Fitness Australia

Chapter 17

page 287 weblink: Bureau of Meteorology

page 295 weblink: AustLII

page 305 weblink: Geoscience Australia

page 314 weblink: NIHO Survival Guide

Teacher Resources

Oxford would like to thank The Royal Life Saving Society Australia for the reproduction of the following learning module. Royal Life Saving is dedicated to turning everyday people into everyday community lifesavers. The following videos on Resuscitation are a convenient First Aid refresher on CPR and can be used in conjunction with the First Aid chapter in PDHPE Application and Inquiry Second Edition: Preliminary Course.

Resuscitation videos

Sample Marking Criteria

Each Sample Marking Criteria sheet corresponds to the exam style questions at the end of each chapter and consists of:

1. The relevant key term definition
2. A criteria that utilises the rubric and the key term
3. The syllabus content area the question is drawn from

Using these, teachers will be able to provide realistic HSC style feedback and demonstrate expectations to their students.

Editable Sample Marking Criteria will be available for every exam style question in the book, and will be available to teachers in Term 3, 2009. A free sample is available below.

Core 1: Better Health for Individuals
Chapter 1 Sample Marking Criteria

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