Oxford Big Ideas Humanities 7 Victorian Curriculum Teacher obook assess

Teacher digital licence: For life of edition

Oxford Big Ideas Humanities 7 Victorian Curriculum Teacher obook assess

Teacher digital licence: For life of edition




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27 Jan 2017




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Practical and targeted teacher support is provided in digital format via Teacher obook assess.

obook provides teachers with access to the Student book together with added extras such as teaching programs, lesson ideas, worksheets, class tests and answers to all activities in the Student book.

assess offers the ability to assign interactive quizzes and tests, gather results, and monitor student performance.

Teacher obook assess now also offers Dashboard view – an online lesson control centre, allowing teachers to instantly preview, access and assign resources such as videos, interactives, worksheets and tests to students.

With Oxford Big Ideas Humanities Victorian Curriculum Teacher obook assess, teachers can:

  • access over 120 editable student worksheets (with answers)
  • set up classes
  • set assignments
  • monitor progress and results
  • tailor teaching according to individual student needs.



Concepts and skills: Geography

Chapter 1 The geography toolkit

Unit 1 Landforms and landscapes

Chapter 2 Water as a resource

Chapter 3 Valuing and managing water

Unit 2 Place and liveability

Chapter 4 Living in Australia

Chapter 5 Liveable cities


Concepts and skills: History

Chapter 6 The history toolkit

Unit 1 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures

Chapter 7 Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures

Chapter 8 Ancient Australia

Unit 2 The European and Mediterranean world

Chapter 9 Introduction to the European and Mediterranean world

Chapter 10 Ancient Egypt

Chapter 11 Ancient Greece

Chapter 12 Ancient Rome

Unit 3 The Asia–Pacific world

Chapter 13 Introduction to the Asia–Pacific world

Chapter 14 Ancient India [obook only chapter]

Chapter 15 Ancient China


Concepts and skills: Economics and business

Chapter 16 The economics and business toolkit

Unit 1 Resource allocation and making choices

Chapter 17 Economic choices

Unit 2 Consumer and financial literacy

Chapter 18 Finance and consumers


Concepts and skills: Civics and citizenship

Chapter 19 Civics and citizenship toolkit

Unit 1 Government and democracy

Chapter 20 The identity of a nation





Mark Easton has taught Geography, History and English for over 20 years and during the last 15 years has been a contributing author to many geography, humanities and atlas titles. In 2010 he joined Oxford as a geography consultant to work on a range of titles and to support the use of these resources in the classroom. Mark is also the Head of the Humanities Department at St Margaret's School.

Maggy Saldais brings fifteen years’ experience in educational publishing to her role as a History author. Maggy has a strong academic background in the discipline of History and a long-held commitment to engaging middle-years students in learning and discovery in her field of expertise.

Vladimir Dumovic is the Head of Humanities and Economics at Dandenong High School. He completed a combined Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University and gained experience in the finance sector before beginning a career in education. Vladimir is an experienced author and a regular presenter at Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA) and subject-association conferences.

Geraldine Carrodus has taught History in Victorian schools for over forty years. She was an examiner in Australian History from the 1970s and was Chair of the Setting Panel and Chief Assessor from 2000 until 2005. She has written or co-written a number of History texts used in schools and has been a regular speaker at HTAV conferences for students and teachers. Geraldine had been part of the consultation process on the Australian Curriculum. In 2006, Geraldine was honoured with the presentation of an HTAV award for Excellent and Sustained Contribution to the Teaching and Learning of History and to the HTAV.

Christian Machar has been teaching for 14 years and is the current Head of Middle School Humanities at Brighton Grammar School. He previously worked at Geelong Grammar School’s Timbertop Year 9 Campus from 2011 to 2014 as Coordinator of History. Christian regularly presents workshops at History Teachers’ Association of Victoria (HTAV) and History Teachers’ Association of Australia (HTAA) conferences.