Oxford Big Ideas History 10 Victorian Curriculum Teacher obook assess

Teacher digital licence: For life of edition

Oxford Big Ideas History 10 Victorian Curriculum Teacher obook assess

Teacher digital licence: For life of edition




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30 Jan 2017




Oxford Big Ideas History

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Practical and targeted teacher support is provided in digital format via Teacher obook assess.

obook provides teachers with access to the Student book together with added extras such as teaching programs, lesson ideas, worksheets, class tests and answers to all activities in the Student book.

assess offers the ability to assign interactive quizzes and tests, gather results, and monitor student performance. Teacher obook assess now also offers Dashboard view – an online lesson control centre, allowing teachers to instantly preview, access and assign resources such as videos, interactives, worksheets and tests to students.

With Oxford Big Ideas History Teacher obook assess, teachers can:

  • access over 40 editable student worksheets (with answers)
  • set up classes
  • set assignments
  • monitor progress and results
  • tailor teaching according to individual student needs
  • over 200 pages of Victorian Curriculum content
  • over 80 pages of teacher support (teacher notes, answers, curriculum planning, teaching programs)
  • videos with supporting worksheets
  • 350 self-correcting assess quiz questions


Concepts and skills

Chapter 1 The history toolkit

Unit 1 Australia at War (1914-1945)

Chapter 2 Introduction to Australia at war (1914-1945)

Chapter 3 World War II (1939-1945)

Unit 2 Rights and freedoms

Chapter 5 Rights and freedoms

Unit 3 The Globalising World

Chapter 6 The introduction of the globalising world

Chapter 7 Popular culture

Chapter 8 The environment movement

Chapter 9 Migration experiences

Chapter 10 Political crisis: The Vietnam War





Geraldine Carrodus has taught History in Victorian schools for over forty years. She was an examiner in Australian History from the 1970s and was Chair of the Setting Panel and Chief Assessor from 2000 until 2005. She has written or co-written a number of History texts used in schools and has been a regular speaker at HTAV conferences for students and teachers. Geraldine had been part of the consultation process on the Australian Curriculum. In 2006, Geraldine was honoured with the presentation of an HTAV award for Excellent and Sustained Contribution to the Teaching and Learning of History and to the HTAV.

Tim Delany has taught in a number of Government schools in Australia and England. He has contributed to a number of texts relating to History and International Studies and has managed curriculum projects for the Department of Education in Victoria and for Social Education Victoria (SEV). He is currently Principal of Newborough Primary School in Gippsland, Victoria.

Bernie Howitt is currently President of the NSW History Teachers’ Association, and has been teaching History since the 1970s. Bernie has worked on syllabus development for both the NSW Board of Studies and ACARA.  He has won two NSW Premier’s History scholarships, an excellence in teaching award, and taught in England as a Commonwealth Exchange teacher. He has been a contributor to the Oxford Big Ideas History Australian Curriculum series.