Oxford Big Ideas History 7 Australian Curriculum Workbook

Clare Ridgway-Faye

Oxford Big Ideas History 7 Australian Curriculum Workbook

Clare Ridgway-Faye






25 Nov 2011




Oxford Big Ideas History

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This workbook provides extra practice of key skills and encourages an inquiry-based approach to learning—perfect for in-class work or homework.


1.0 The ancient world: an overview
Activity 1.1 A day in the life of a Cro-Magnon person
Activity 1.2 Analyse the impact of geography on human settlements
Activity 1.3 Create your own artefacts
Activity 1.4 Construct a social class pyramid
Activity 1.5 Guernsey: shaped by ancient trading
Activity 1.6 Describe the legacy of ancient art

Depth studies
2.0 Investigating the ancient past
Activity 2.1 Primary and secondary sources
Activity 2.2 Understand different perspectives
Activity 2.3 Write an account of a dig
Activity 2.4 Identify purpose and point of view
Activity 2.5 Form a hypothesis
Activity 2.6 Plan a museum exhibit

The Mediterranean world
3.0 Ancient Egypt

Activity 3.1 Look cool: dressing for effect
Activity 3.2 Analyse a painting
Activity 3.3 Sustainable water source: comparative case study
Activity 3.4 Compare female rulers
Activity 3.5 Famous pharaohs: ‘Who am I?’
Activity 3.6 Chart the process of mummifi cation

4.0 Ancient Greece
Activity 4.1 Hold a Greek assembly
Activity 4.2 The oracle at Delphi
Activity 4.3 Design a Greek amphora
Activity 4.4 Build a trireme
Activity 4.5 Interpret a myth
Activity 4.6 Evaluate a historical source

5.0 Ancient Rome
Activity 5.1 Ancient Rome crossword
Activity 5.2 Roman numerals
Activity 5.3 Analyse a photograp
h Activity 5.4 Create a storyboard
Activity 5.5 Host a Roman banquet
Activity 5.6 Researching gladiators

The Asian world
6.0 Ancient China

Activity 6.1 Explore the concept of ‘merit’
Activity 6.2 Create a job advertisement
Activity 6.3 Present a point of view on Qin Shi Huangdi
Activity 6.4 Take notes about the life of peasants
Activity 6.5 Examine the legend of Mulan
Activity 6.6 Analyse a map of the Silk Road

Additional resources
Template for Activity 1.4
Template for Activity 4.4
Template for Activity 5.2


Clare Ridgway-Faye is a teacher of English, Humanities and Classical Studies, currently at Princes Hill Secondary College. She has worked at school level and with Oxford University Press on developing English and History curriculum resources for the Australian Curriculum.

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