Oxford Big Ideas History 8 Australian Curriculum Workbook

Clare Ridgway-Faye

Oxford Big Ideas History 8 Australian Curriculum Workbook

Clare Ridgway-Faye






24 Jan 2012




Oxford Big Ideas History

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This workbook provides extra practice of key skills and encourages an inquiry-based approach to learning—perfect for in-class work or homework.



1.0 The ancient to the modern world: an overview
Activity 1.1 Explore the spread of technology: gunpowder
Activity 1.2 Evaluate a historical source: The Battle of Maldon

Activity 1.3 Create a display on the developments in boat building
Activity 1.4 Understand different perspectives
Activity 1.5 Crossword: the ancient to modern world

Depth studies

The Western and Islamic world
2.0 The Vikings (c. 790–c. 1066)
Activity 2.1 The advantages of Viking longboats
Activity 2.2 Viking facts versus Viking fiction
Activity 2.3 Set up a museum display
Activity 2.4 Interpret and create an artist’s impression
Activity 2.5 Investigating Viking mythology

3.0 Medieval Europe (c. 590–c. 1500)
Activity 3.1 Analyse the Bayeux Tapestry
Activity 3.2 Medieval church windows
Activity 3.3 Castle construction
Activity 3.4 Medieval recipes
Activity 3.5 Compare significant medieval women

The Asia–Pacific world

4.0 The Khmer Empire (c. 802–c. 1327)
Activity 4.1 Retell a Hindu myth
Activity 4.2 Analyse a photograph
Activity 4.3 Conduct a historical inquiry: who are the apsaras?
Activity 4.4 Continuity and change: village life in Cambodia
Activity 4.5 Examine the impact of tourism at Angkor

5.0 Japan under the shoguns (c. 794–c. 1867)
Activity 5.1 Continuity and change: the Emperor’s new clothes
Activity 5.2 Significant individuals: ‘Who am I?’
Activity 5.3 Design a Japanese palace
Activity 5.4 Analyse The Tale of the Heike
Activity 5.5 Compare warrior cultures: the samurai vs European knights

Expanding contacts

6.0 Mongol expansion (c. 1206–c. 1368)
Activity 6.1 Cause and effect: why did the Mongols expand their territory?
Activity 6.2 Analyse film stills
Activity 6.3 Conduct a historical inquiry into the changing nature of Mongol warfare
Activity 6.4 Describe the impact of Mongol rule: China under Kublai Khan
Activity 6.5 Evaluate a historical source

7.0 The Black Death in Asia, Europe and Africa (14th century plague)
Activity 7.1 Cause and effect: the Black Death and feudalism
Activity 7.2 Identify attitudes and values in primary and secondary sources
Activity 7.3 Create a flow map
Activity 7.4 Medieval quarantine
Activity 7.5 Medieval herbal remedies


Clare Ridgway-Faye is a teacher of English, Humanities and Classical Studies, currently at Princes Hill Secondary College. She has worked at school level and with Oxford University Press on developing English and History curriculum resources for the Australian Curriculum.

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