Oxford Big Ideas History 9 Australian Curriculum Workbook

Kate McArthur

Oxford Big Ideas History 9 Australian Curriculum Workbook

Kate McArthur






18 Jan 2012




Oxford Big Ideas History

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This workbook provides extra practice of key skills and encourages an inquiry-based approach to learning—perfect for in-class work or homework.



1.0 The making of the modern world: an overview
Activity 1.1 Factors that led to the Industrial Revolution
Activity 1.2 Extent of European imperial expansion
Activity 1.3 Analysing the motives behind European imperial expansion

Depth studies

Making a better world
2.0 The Industrial Revolution (1750–1914)

Activity 2.1 Population growth in Britain during the Industrial Revolution
Activity 2.2 Working conditions for children during the Industrial Revolution
Activity 2.3 How did the Industrial Revolution affect living conditions in towns?

3.0 Movement of peoples (1750–1901)
Activity 3.1 The triangle of slavery
Activity 3.2 The middle passage
Activity 3.3 Convict transportation to Australia

Australia and Asia
4.0 Making a nation

Activity 4.1 Impacts of European colonisation of Australia on the Indigenous population
Activity 4.2 Key ideas leading to Australian federation
Activity 4.3 Australia’s views on immigrants 1901–1914

World War I
5.0 World War I (1914–1918)

Activity 5.1 The causes of World War I
Activity 5.2 Enlistment, recruitment and conscription
Activity 5.3 Places where Australians fought
Activity 5.4 Trench warfare


Kate McArthur has taught History and English in Victorian schools for the last 12 years, and has written or contributed to a number of texts relating to History and Literacy. She has also worked as a Literacy Coach for the Victorian Department of Education and Training for 3 years, and is currently an Assistant Principal at Hume Central Secondary College.

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