IB Course Book: Mathematics Higher Level

Josip Harcet, Lorraine Heinrichs, Palmira Mariz Seiler, Marlene Torres Skoumal

IB Course Book: Mathematics Higher Level

Josip Harcet, Lorraine Heinrichs, Palmira Mariz Seiler, Marlene Torres Skoumal




Paperback + CD


16 Aug 2012




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Uniquely developed with the IB curriculum team, this online course book will ensure your students achieve their best. Blending mathematical applications with crucial practice and inquiry, it fully integrates the IB approach to learning.

Full syllabus coverage - the truest match to the IB syllabus, developed with the IB to exactly match IB specifications
Complete worked solutions - a full set of worked solutions included online
Extensive practice - over 800 pages of practice cements comprehension
Up-to-date GDC support - take the confusion out of GDC use and help students focus on the theory
Definitive assessment preparation - exam-style papers and questions will build confidence
The Exploration - supported by a full chapter, to guide you through this new component
Real world approach - connect mathematics with human behaviour, language, morality and more

About the series:
The only DP resources developed directly with the IB, the Oxford IB Course Books are the most comprehensive core resources to support learners through their study. Fully incorporating the learner profile, resources are assessed by consulting experts in international-mindedness and TOK to ensure these crucial components are deeply embedded into learning.


1: Mathematics as the science of patterns
2: Mathematics as a language
3: The long journey of mathematics
4: Modeling the real world
5: Aesthetics in mathematics: an introduction to mathematical explorations
6: Exploring randomness: statistics and probability
7: The origins of calculus
8: Ancient mathematics and modern methods: trigonometry and its multiple applications
9: Further calculus
10: Modeling randomness
11: Inspiration and formalism
12: Multiple perspectives in mathematics
13: Exploration
14: Prior learning


Josip Harcet

Lorraine Heinrichs

Palmira Mariz Seiler

Marlene Torres Skoumal


`If you are considering purchasing a new Higher Level maths text, I would highly recommend this book - and I'm sure your students will appreciate the choice. I like the way the chapters are themed, with a couple of pages devoted to TOK at the end of each one. I am also impressed with the content. A typical example of this would be the very clear manner in which synthetic division is explained - the best I've come across. I was also pleased to see Decartes' Rule of Signs and the Rational Zero Theorem: the book abounds with such touches. Another nice feature is the CD, which, among other goodies, contains the entire book.' David Getling, Mathematics Teacher, Bavarian International School, Germany

`I am enjoying using the HL text; it is a lot of fun. I like the explorations, historical information, imaginative questions and the efficiency of the exercises. It's a challenging and interesting book.' David Harris, Head of Mathematics, St Clare's, UK

`I think the chapter titles for the HL book are absolutely inspired as they really do help to place Maths in an international context and put TOK at the forefront. Titles such as 'Maths as a language' and 'aesthetics in maths' are so much better than 'functions' or 'logarithms and exponentials'.' Paul Jackson, Head of Mathematics, Island School, Hong Kong

`It contains everything needed for IB higher level and contains a section which shows you what skills you need to know for Higher Level Maths in IB.' H M Iqbal, Amazon Reviewer

`The committee thinks the books are well written, easy to follow, and they like the TI-NSpire technology throughout.' Education Ministry, Canada

`The Oxford IB course books are the best ever resource for both teachers and students. They are practical, insightful and fully in line with the IB Course outcomes.' Pat Hanson, IB Coordinator, Academy of the Holy Cross, USA