IB Course Book: Mathematical Studies SL

Second Edition

Peter Blythe, Jim Fensom, Jane Forrest, Paula Waldman De Tokman

IB Course Book: Mathematical Studies SL

Second Edition

Peter Blythe, Jim Fensom, Jane Forrest, Paula Waldman De Tokman




Paperback + CD


17 Jul 2012




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Part of a completely new offering for IB Mathematics, this text provides extensive practice, detailed examination support, the latest GDC support and a free eBook, in addition to offering the most thorough syllabus coverage, which is crucial for the IB student. Uniquely developed with the IB, you can trust it takes the best approach. With carefully stepped activities with extensive practice, students will gain confidence in their skills. Activities make cross-curricular and real-world connections, while emphasising the historical and cultural aspects of the theory, in line with the Learner Profile. An eBook gives students ultimate flexibility in their study, including animations to simplify challenging concepts, interactive worked solutions and full and up-to-date GDC instructions for the most commonly used calculators.

About the series:
The only DP resources developed directly with the IB, the Oxford IB Course Books are the most comprehensive core resources to support learners through their study. Fully incorporating the learner profile, resources are assessed by consulting experts in international-mindedness and TOK to ensure these crucial components are deeply embedded into learning.


1: Number and algebra 1
2: Descriptive statistics
3: Geometry and trigonometry 1
4: Mathematical models
5: Statistical applications
6: Introducing differential calculus
7: Number and algebra 2
8: Sets and probability
9: Logs
10: Geometry and trigonometry 2
11: Project
12: Getting the most out of your GDC
13: Prior learning
14: Practice papers


Peter Blythe

Jim Fensom

Jane Forrest

Paula Waldman De Tokman


`This book would certainly be my choice for any future Maths Studies classes that I have to teach. The style is very student friendly. Explanations and examples are easy to follow, and GDC details are for the modern and versatile TI-Nspire. This book also offers a good number of investigations, there are plenty of exercises, with all answers provided, and there are many exam style questions too. At the back of the book are three chapters that students will find very useful: the internally accessed project, the use of the TI-Nspire, and prior learning. Also worth a mention is the CD which contains an enhanced version of the text and PDFs for those who still use a Casio or TI-84. ' David Getling, Mathematics Teacher

`The committee thinks the books are well written, easy to follow, and they like the TI-NSpire technology throughout.' Education Ministry, Canada

`We have ordered the Mathematics SL and Mathematical Studies books, and we love them.' Padmini Nadar-Japal, IB Coordinator, Windhoek International School, Namibia

`The Oxford IB course books are the best ever resource for both teachers and students. They are practical, insightful and fully in line with the IB Course outcomes.' Pat Hanson, IB Coordinator, Academy of the Holy Cross, USA

`We have adopted most of the Oxford course books for our school. We find them well written, well linked to TOK issues and age appropriate.' Sheta Saha, IB Coordinator, Chatsworth International School, Singapore