Oxford Psychology Units 3+4 Student book + obook assess

Student book + 12-month student digital licence

Third Edition

Roger Edwards, Karen Marangio, Vicki Moore, Elizabeth Blaher-Lucas, Fiona Ganino-Day

Oxford Psychology Units 3+4 Student book + obook assess

Student book + 12-month student digital licence

Third Edition

Roger Edwards, Karen Marangio, Vicki Moore, Elizabeth Blaher-Lucas, Fiona Ganino-Day




Paperback + obook


26 Sep 2016




Oxford Psychology Series

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Oxford VCE Psychology Units 3+4 Third Edition has been fully updated for the revised VCE Psychology Study Design 2017-2021 and comes with obook assess - your complete online teaching and learning solution.
To see how we've addressed the amendments to the 2017–2021 Study Design for Units 3 and 4 of VCE Psychology, click here.

Key features:

  • New and enhanced content for the new course
  • New and enhanced digital content; study, revision and assessment
  • Over 600 auto-marking review questions; over 200 exam preparation and practice questions
  • Authoritative, accurate and up-to-date content and research
  • Chapter overviews clearly explain what each chapter covers and what students need to understand
  • 'Investigate boxes’ help enrich and extend students’ knowledge
  • Assessment activities at the end of each Area of Study
  • Student Workbook updated to help students develop key skills and consolidate learning
  • Peerless author team: Roger Edwards, Karen Marangio, Vicki Moore, Elizabeth Blaher-Lucas, Fiona Ganino-Day.


Chapter 1 Research toolkit

Unit 3: How does experience affect behaviour and mental processes?

Area of Study 1: How does the nervous system enable psychological functioning?

Chapter 2 Divisions of the nervous system: roles & responses
Chapter 3 The role of neurons & neurotransmitters
Chapter 4 Stress: sources, models & coping strategies

Area of Study 2: How do people learn and remember?

Chapter 5 The neural basis of learning & memory
Chapter 6 Classical conditioning & the ‘Little Albert’ experiment
Chapter 7 Operant conditioning as a three-phase model
Chapter 8 Observational learning as a method of social learning
Chapter 9 Sensory, short-term & long-term memory: the multi-store model
Chapter 10 Memory reliability: retrieval, brain trauma & neurodegenerative diseases
Chapter 11 Methods of retrieval & reconstruction of memory

Unit 4: How is wellbeing developed and maintained?

Area of Study 1: How do levels of consciousness affect mental processes and behaviour?

Chapter 12 States of consciousness
Chapter 13 Measuring states of consciousness & changes in states of consciousness
Chapter 14 Sleep: purpose & function
Chapter 15 The effects of sleep deprivation
Chapter 16 Sleep disorders & treatment

Area of Study 2: What influences mental wellbeing?

Chapter 17 Defining mental health
Chapter 18 Mental disorders: development & progression factors
Chapter 19 Specific phobia
Chapter 20 Maintenance of mental health

Area of Study 3: Student-directed practical investigation


The Oxford Psychology writing team combines the practical experience of classroom teachers with the authority of Victoria’s leading psychology educators. Each of the team shares a commitment to the discipline and a genuine desire for students to be successful.

Series Editor Roger Edwards has been involved with the VCE Psychology course since its inception. He taught VCE Psychology for fifteen years and then moved into teaching at Monash University in 2008. Roger is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and a psychologist in private practice. He is currently Supervising Psychologist at the Krongold Clinic, Monash University, Clayton.

Elizabeth Blaher-Lucas has taught VCE Psychology for the past 14 years in both state and independent schools. She currently teaches at St Michael's Grammar and recently completed further postgraduate studies in psychology.

Karen Marangio currently works in the Faculty of Education at Monash University, lecturing in Psychology and Science Education Methods and previously taught for almost 15 years at University of Melbourne. Her research interests include the progressions of student learning of psychology and developing the pedagogy of pre-service teachers. Karen has extensive experience of teaching psychology in secondary schools in a range of curricula across different year levels.

Vicki Moore taught senior humanities and psychology for 20 years at St Catherine’s School. She has also been Psychology Methods Lecturer at Monash University, is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society and is currently a psychologist in private practice.

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