Oxford Science 8 Teacher obook pro (Option 1: SB access)

Victorian Curriculum

Second Edition

Helen Silvester

Oxford Science 8 Teacher obook pro (Option 1: SB access)

Victorian Curriculum

Second Edition

Helen Silvester




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10 Nov 2021




Oxford Science Victorian Curriculum

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Oxford Science Victorian Curriculum 2E is a complete print and digital Science package that provides a scaffolded approach to Science Inquiry Skill development and application.

An innovative upgrade to existing obook capabilities, obook pro features market-leading interactive resources and enhanced assessment, tracking and reporting functionality, all hosted on the revamped Oxford Digital platform.

  • innovative assessment functionality. Focus on teaching – administration is taken care of!
  • curriculum reports that provide an overview of student understanding of key knowledge areas
  • detailed course planners, teaching programs and lesson plans
  • answers to all questions, assessment tasks and practicals
  • write-in worksheets, risk assessments and lab tech notes for every investigation
  • differentiated worksheets to suit different abilities and learning styles
  • printable (and editable) class tests with answers for every chapter.

With Teacher obook pro, teachers can also set up classes, assign work, monitor student progress and graph results.


Chapter 1: Science toolkit
Chapter 2: Rocks and minerals
Chapter 3: Energy
Chapter 4: Sound and light
Chapter 5: Physical and chemical change
Chapter 6: Cells
Chapter 7: Surviving
Chapter 8: Reproducing
Chapter 9: Experiments
STEAM Projects


Helen Silvester is Director at the STEAM-focused Casey Tech School. She has been an educator for over 20 years and has held Head of Science positions in a number of schools. She was shortlisted for the 2014 and 2017 Prime Minister’s Secondary Science Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Secondary Schools and was Victoria's representative for the BHP Billiton Science Teachers Awards.

Helen has a wealth of experience writing and reviewing and has been an active participant in the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA), Australian School Science Information Support for Teachers and Technicians (ASSIST) and Science Teachers Association Victoria (STAV). Helen has also worked as a researcher at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and the Royal Children’s Hospital.