Oxford Insight Science 9 AC for NSW Student book + obook assess

Student book + 12-month student digital licence

Jenny Zhang, Diane Alford, Ric Morante, Jeff Stanger, Craig Tilley

Oxford Insight Science 9 AC for NSW Student book + obook assess

Student book + 12-month student digital licence

Jenny Zhang, Diane Alford, Ric Morante, Jeff Stanger, Craig Tilley




Paperback + obook


9 Jan 2014




Oxford Insight Science NSW

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Written by experienced NSW teachers, the student book is structured around key inquiry questions, and chapter content is organised according to syllabus outcomes.

Student understanding is constantly checked as they progress through the book by:

  • Question blocks – constantly review students’ understanding of key concepts throughout each chapter
  • Checkpoints – offer a range of question types to explore depth of understanding
  • Chapter Reviews – review understanding, encourage students to reflect on what has been learnt and offer research projects

Specially-commissioned step-by-step photography in the student book and video lab experiment demonstrations in the obook were all carried out by an experienced science teacher, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the Science classroom.

Risk assessments for all experiments written by a NSW lab technician, are also included.

What is obook assess?

The obook is a cloud-based web-book available anywhere, anytime, on any device, navigated by topic or by ‘page view’. As well as containing the student text and study tools, this obook offers a Virtual Laboratory containing specially-commissioned Australian-made lab experiment videos, drag & drops and other interactives.
assess is an indispensable online assessment tool, explicitly mapped to the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum that drives student progress through tailored instruction.


Correlation to the Syllabus
What is Insight Science?
Answering science questions

1. Inside the atom

    1.1 Development of the atomic model
    1.2 Subatomic particles
    1.3 Radioactivity

2. The periodic table

    2.1 History of the periodic table
    2.2 Organising the elements
    2.3 Atomic structure and properties

3. Understanding and managing ecosystems

    3.1 Dynamic ecosystems
    3.2 Changing populations
    3.3 Managing sustainable ecosystems

4. Body systems and responses

    4.1 Coordination systems
    4.2 Responding to change
    4.3 Responding to disease

5. Plate tectonics

    5.1 Tectonic plates
    5.2 Activity at plate boundaries
    5.3 Geological technology

6. Energy on the move

    6.1 Transferring energy
    6.2 Energy and waves
    6.3 Electrical energy and efficiency


Jenny Zhang is a science teacher at St George Girls High School. She completed a degree in Advanced Science majoring in Microbiology and Genetics. She went on to complete a degree in Science Education. Jenny has always had a keen interest in teaching and her passion for science communication has allowed her educate a great number of students in many fields of science. She is currently furthering her education by completing a M.Sc in Palaeobiology. Jenny's non academic interests include travelling, taekwondo, and reading.

Diane Alford is a retired Head Teacher of Science. She has taught in a wide range of rural and metropolitan high schools in NSW, was Education Officer at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney and Science Curriculum Consultant in Ryde and Granville Districts as well as Metropolitan West Region over a 35-year period.

Ric Morante is nationally recognised as an expert science communicator and program developer, and has contributed to the 'Inspiring Australia' Expert Working Group on Science Education and currently teaches at Hurlstone Agricultural High School.
His past roles include Senior Curriculum Support Officer Science K-12 and Senior Curriculum Adviser Science 7-12 for NSW DEC, Chief Learning Design Officer for the Centre for Learning Innovation, lecturer in postgraduate certificate in Physics (Australian Catholic University), lecturer in Diploma of Fire Technology (Petersham TAFE).

Jeff Stanger is the Head of Science at St George Girls High School and an Astronomy Educator at Sydney Observatory. He is involved in many science education projects and organisations. These include volunteering with the Science Teachers Association of NSW and as an Honorary Associate of the SUPER group in the School of Physics at the University of Sydney.

Craig Tilley has taught general Science and senior Physics at Shore School, NSW and at Melbourne Grammar, Mentone Grammar and Mentone Girls Grammar Schools in VIC. He has been a VCAA exam marker for many years and has authored numerous Science and Physics textbooks.

Sample Pages

Here are some sample pages for your reference.
Chapter 5: Plate tectonics

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