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Oxford University Press produces a range of digital resources for academic, public, corporate, medical and law libraries. We provide digital editions of many of Oxford University Press’ acclaimed scholarly reference works, monographs and research journals.  We offer flexible institutional licenses and pricing models, with many products available on a subscription or a perpetual access model.  For more information go to:


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Epigeum [link:] is the leading provider of exceptional online courses designed to help universities and colleges transform their core activities – in teaching, research, studying and leadership and management.

Our courses are developed through global collaboration of experts and partner universities and shared by subscription. They are produced by our in-house team of editorial and online professionals and used by leading institutions across the world.


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ProQuest | EBL Textbook Lending

Select higher education textbooks are available through Proquest.


Customer orders need to be placed directly with ProQuest. Contact your account manager at