VitalSource for Academics FAQ

OUP Australia VitalSource ebooks are accessible to customers anywhere in the world. VitalSource ebooks are a digital version of the text, accessible online and available offline using the free VitalSource Bookshelf software. All of your Oxford ebooks can be accessed from Bookshelf.

What is VitalSource Sampling?

VitalSource Sampling is a way for lecturers and instructors to access desk copies of ebooks at the click of a button. This means you can download from a select range of OUP titles at your leisure, allowing you to view the entire text without having to wait. Please note: this feature is only available with a verified instructor account.
For more information about VitalSource ebooks, including FAQs and instructional videos, please head to VitalSource Support.

How do I create an account?

Go to and follow the steps to create an account. When prompted, select the following option - ‘I am an instructor or educator who finds, evaluates or adopts course materials.’


Your account will then go through a verification process, after which, if successful, you will be able to access VitalSource Sampling. Please note: you need to use a university email to sign-up for this type of account.

What if I already have an account?

If you already have an account, but have not identified as an instructor, please let your Territory Manager know. Your Territory Manager will send you a recommendation; doing so will prompt the change and will verify you as an instructor, allowing you to sample content.

More information about account creation and set-up can be found through VitalSource Creating an Instructor Account.

How do I update my account details?

To update your details, click on the account icon and select ‘User Info’. This will take you to a new page.


Once the new page is open, you will be able to update your details, including your email, name, password, and security question. You can also see your transactions through this feature, as well as the devices your account is enabled on.


What happens the first time I request a sample?

For your first sample, you will need to request a copy. Once you have been verified as an instructor, simply search for the ebook that you want and click on ‘Request copy’.


When you request your first sample, you will be prompted to fill out your course details.  An email will then be sent to the publisher to verify that you are a lecturer.


Once the publisher verifies that you are a lecturer, you will be sent a notification email and will be able to access the ebook. This can take 2-3 working days. You only need to be verified once and then you will have access to any ebooks available on the platform for sampling.

Please note: the ebook will appear as pending until your request has been approved.


What are publisher recommendations?

Sometimes, your Territory Manager will recommend a title that you may be interested in. This means an ebook will appear in ‘Publisher Recommendations’ for you to either accept or decline. You will also receive an email from your Territory Manager to let you know that a text has been recommended.


I haven't received an email. What should I do?

After your Territory Manager has sent you a recommendation, you should receive an email indicating that a text has been recommended for you. If you're expecting such an email but can't find it, please check your junk or spam folders. If the email is in there, please add the email address to your contacts to prevent these emails from getting caught up in your spam filter in future.

If you still cannot find your email, please contact VitalSource Support or call +61 8 7111 3343 for further assistance.

How can I access my titles?

Once you have sampled a title, or accepted a recommendation, it will appear in ‘My Library’ for you to access at any time. Just click on the title you want to read and it will open in VitalSource Bookshelf.


How do I access VitalSource on my device?

Please visit VitalSource Support for information about accessing VitalSource on all supported devices.

Can I access my OUP ebook on more than one device?

VitalSource Bookshelf is available to download for free onto your desktop (PC and MAC), laptop, tablet or smartphone (Android and Apple platform supported) and you can transfer your downloaded ebooks to all of your devices up to four times - limited to 2 computers and 2 mobile devices.

Can I access my OUP ebook offline?

Yes, you can access OUP ebooks both online and offline. To access offline, you will need to download VitalSource Bookshelf to your desktop. Please see VitalSource Support for information about downloading Bookshelf.

What OUP titles are available?

A broad selection of Oxford University Press (OUP) Australian and New Zealand ebooks have been made available for sampling.

How long will I have access to my VitalSource ebook?

OUP ebooks are non-expiring. Please note: "non-expiring" means that the access for the downloadable version of your book for computer and mobile devices will not expire. Your ebook will be available via Bookshelf online for one year.

Digital Support

If you have any questions, please contact VitalSource Support or call +61 8 7111 3343.