Oxford Ascend

Oxford Ascend  oxfordascend.com is the home of online resources for higher education students to help them study and succeed. These resources are designed for students to practise, revise and test their knowledge. Resources are sometimes integrated with the text and access will come with the book; or they may be independent resources focusing on key subject areas.  


What are the features of Oxford Ascend Interactive ebooks?

  • Full searchable text, highlighting and note-taking features
  • Key definitions for important terminology
  • Integrated Australian Oxford Dictionary
  • Live weblinks
  • Extra digital resources built in to assist learning.

Each ebook is built to suit whatever students studying that subject will need most to help them succeed.  

Resources may include:

  • Videos
  • interactive problem solving exercises
  • self-test quizzes
  • Audio summaries
  • Flashcard glossaries
  • Templates, and many more.

What are Oxford Ascend digital resources?

These are a collection of resources that will assist students in their study. What each collection consists of varies product to product as we create resources that are designed to help readers practise key concepts and build the skills they’ll need for their future professions.

I have a textbook that comes with an obook and mentions Oxford Digital; can I access that through Oxford Ascend?

Higher Education Oxford Digital products, including obooks, can also be accessed through Oxford Ascend. 

My textbook comes with an Oxford Ascend interactive ebook and resources.  How do I access it?

In the back of your book are instructions and a code. Please go to Oxford Ascend, create an account and register the code within your account.  

Each code can only be activated once. If you have bought a second hand edition and the code has been used you can buy access to just the interactive ebook and/or digital resources on this website.  

If you would like to see the features of a particular interactive ebook or digital resource please visits the book’s webpage for a video tour.  

Video instructions on setting up an account and activating codes are available here.

Can I buy just the interactive ebook or just the student resources?

Most interactive ebooks and digital student resources can be purchased separately. More specific details can be found on each book’s webpage.

I bought the VitalSource ebook version of the text. How do I get the Oxford Ascend Digital Resources as well?

If you purchased the ebook the Oxford Ascend Digital Resources can be purchased separately from this website.  

Current Oxford Ascend and Oxford Digital Products

Introduction to Speech, Language and Literacy
Literacy 5th Edition
Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences in the Primary School 3rd Edition
Connecting with Law 3rd Edition
Australian Law Dictionary 2nd Edition
Law and Business 4th Edition
Consumer Behaviour in Action
Communication for Business