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Series overview

Maths Plus is a whole-school maths program that offers explicit instruction, practice and consolidation activities, problem-solving tasks, and mentals and homework activities, for F–6 and K–6.

Practice, with a view to mastery, underpins the spiral approach used in the Maths Plus program, within and across year levels. Students revisit mathematics topics at different points in the year, and are supported by the extra practice offered by the Mentals and Homework Books. This helps students make connections over time, supporting their mathematical recall and fluency.


  • Colour-coded pages to represent the content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability
  • ‘Find a topic’ index, which allows teachers to teach by topic
  • A dictionary of mathematical terms
  • Teaching resources, including curricula and planning documents, assessment and diagnostic term reviews, and answers
  • Student resources, including learning, support and extension activities

Series components

Student Books for F–6, K–6

  • Contain approximately 35 units of work per year with diagnostic term reviews to assess students’ understanding of concepts and skills.
  • Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content descriptions, proficiency strands and cross-curriculum area references are included at the base of every student activity page.
  • Supported by additional resources on the Teacher Dashboard, such as digital interactives.

Mentals and Homework Books for F–6, K–6

  • Contain revision, practice and consolidation activities that directly correspond to the concepts and units of work presented in the Student Books.
  • All unit activities are arranged under the three Australian Curriculum: Mathematics strands.

Assessment Books for F–6, K–6

  • Contain summative topic-based assessment to measure student growth and support end-of-year A–E reporting.
  • Supported by a suggested teaching and testing schedule available on the Teacher Dashboard.

Teacher Dashboard

The Maths Plus Teacher Dashboard provides access to a range of resources for students and teachers across F–6 and K–6.

For students:

  • Digital interactives to introduce and explore topics
  • Support, extension and reflection activities
  • Blackline Masters (BLMs)
  • Investigation activities

For teachers:

  • Teacher notes
  • Term planners
  • Curriculum links
  • Digital interactives and videos
  • Answers
  • Assessments for every Student Book page

See the wealth of resources and support material available on the Maths Plus Teacher Dashboard.

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Updates in 2019 for implementation in 2020

Student Books for F–6, K–6

  • New editions with updated cover and text designs, and fresh illustrations
  • The Investigations pages will move to the Teacher Dashboard, to keep the new Student Books concise

Teacher Dashboard

  • Investigations pages from the Student Book will be uploaded to the Teacher Dashboard
  • Explicit links to Advanced Primary Maths, to allow teachers to extend their students horizontally by providing more extension, problem-solving and open-ended learning opportunities that are more advanced than the activities in the Mentals and Homework Books
  • Improvements to existing resources, such as videos and digital teaching objects

Teacher Books for F–6, K–6

  • A new print resource to support the use of the Teacher Dashboard and Advanced Primary Maths
  • More assessment information will be included

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