A coach to children and a helping hand to teachers

Maximise independent reading time at school and at home by giving every student a virtual reading coach with Oxford Reading Buddy.

Underpinned by the latest research into comprehension teaching and learning, Oxford Reading Buddy is a unique new digital reading service that develops deeper comprehension skills and encourages students to read more.

Delivering a consistent whole-school approach to comprehension development

Skills Framework

A research-based, easy-to-use Comprehension Skills Framework that supports comprehension development

Automatic Progression

Automatic progression through Oxford Levels?At Oxford, we use a well-established, expertly developed system for levelling books. Oxford Levels has helped millions of primary students all over the world learn to read and to love reading. Learn more ensures students have a constant supply of books at the right level and pace for them

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Coaching eBooks

Unique Coaching eBooks which feature animated buddies to engage young readers

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Hundreds of eBooks

Hundreds of eBooks (including decodable readers) from much loved Oxford brands

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After-reading quizzes for all eBooks and all print-only books within featured series with questions linked to comprehension skills

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At-a-glance student, class and school reporting to save teachers time

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Engage young readers with Coaching eBooks

With the unique Coaching eBooks, students can choose their own animated Reading Buddy to coach them in key comprehension strategies. Coaching eBooks between Oxford Level 1–10 include audio and books between levels 1–5 also include karaoke-like text tracking to support younger students as they move towards reading independence.

90 brand-new interactive coaching eBooks with a personal, digital reading coach to support independent reading

A personalised Reading Buddy to coach students in key comprehension strategies

Questions from the Reading Buddy help students check their understanding and provides tailored feedback to extend learning

Quizzes at the end of every book assess comprehension skills and send feedback to the teacher

Developed with the help of real teachers

Researchers from Southampton Education School, University of Southampton (UK), ran an impact study to evaluate the potential impact of the prototype (early trial versions) Coaching eBooks that would form part of Oxford Reading Buddy and identify improvements that could be made during the product development process.

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A library with hundreds of eBooks

Hundreds of eBooks from the loved and trusted Oxford Reading Tree, TreeTops, Project X and Oxford Reading for Comprehension series for practice and consolidation spanning Oxford Levels 1–20

eBooks are automatically allocated to students based on their Oxford Level

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Oxford Level 1–10 eBooks include audio with eBooks between levels 1–5 also including karaoke-like text tracking

End-of-book comprehension quizzes provide teachers with valuable insight

Encourage progression with Quizzes for every eBook

Quizzes for every eBook. Oxford Reading Buddy also features end-of-book quizzes for all print-only books within featured series

Carefully written by teaching experts to probe comprehension skills in-depth

Automatically marked to drive student’s progress through Oxford Levels and identify where support is needed

Quizzes for titles between Oxford Levels 1–10 include audio, making them more accessible to young readers

A proven framework for reading progression

Oxford Levels provide an expertly-designed and trusted framework for reading progression

Span from the very early stages of reading in Foundation (Oxford Level 1) all the way up to an advanced Year 6 reader's level (Oxford Level 20)

Careful increases in reading challenge ensures students encounter manageable stretch at each step, and continue to progress

At Oxford, we use a well-established, expertly developed system for levelling books. Oxford Levels has helped millions of primary students all over the world learn to read and to love reading.

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Track performance with reporting and access to data

Clear, meaningful data is easily accessible from any device

Reporting shows students’ attainment against expected rates of progression and how engaged they are with the site

Shows performance against core comprehension skills

Reporting is available at a student, class and whole-school level

Motivate young readers with intrinsic rewards

A research-based approach which weaves in motivation at every step

Collectable badges to direct good reading behaviours

Friendly reading buddies provide encouragement and support

Brilliant books and characters to engage and inspire a love of reading

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