Created by local and global education experts, these guides are designed to help you achieve the best educational outcomes. These guides address key issues in education and provide practical and essential information to help teachers and educators embed best practice across a wide range of teaching topics.

It is often easy to assume that because students appear to have understood an idea or demonstrated a skill on a particular day, they have mastered the associated concept. However, research is increasingly confirming the importance of practice in embedding learning in long-term memory. Read the full article on our blog.

Dictionary games can be a fun and interactive way of improving students’ literacy and fostering creativity. We asked Australian teachers how they use dictionaries to support learning in their classrooms. Read their top ideas on our blog.

A life-long reading journey commences with encouraging word-reading and comprehension skills and cultivating an enjoyment of books so reading becomes a pleasurable activity. A love of reading can set children up for education success and introduce them to people, places and ideas they may not encounter in their everyday life. Read the full article on our blog.

Imagine that you were lost in Turkey and the only directions you had were written in Turkish. Reading the directions is therefore unlikely to be a valuable activity for you. So, while phonics and decoding are critical skills, without comprehension, the whole point of reading is lost. Read the full article on our blog.

Our guided reading white paper explores the benefits and limitations of levelled texts as part of a reading program, and strategies for using them effectively. Download the white paper here.