To view samples of phonics titles online, please select the title from the series you are interested in by clicking on the links below.

If you see any titles that you are interested in hearing more about, please contact your Local Primary Educational Consultant and arrange a time for them to come out and visit you at your school.

Project X CODE:
Dragon Training (UK Level 4 | AU Levels 9-11)
Dino Danger (UK Level 7 | AU Levels 17-18)
Mission Marvel (UK Level 9 | AU Levels 21-22) 

To find out more about the Project X series, please click HERE.

Oxford Reading Tree:

Floppy's Phonics Sounds and Letters:
At the Carnival (UK Level 1A | AU Levels 1-2)  
Book 20 (UK Level 4 | AU Levels 9-11)

Floppy's Phonics Fiction and Non-fiction:
Cats (Fiction | UK Level 1 | AU Levels 1-2)
Leek Hotpot (Fiction | UK Level 3 | AU Levels 6-8)
Crunch! (Fiction | UK Level 4 | AU Levels 9-11)
At the Animal Park (Non-fiction | UK Level 2 | AU Levels 3-5)
Olympic Dreams Non-fiction | (UK Level 6 | AU Levels 15-17)

Biff, Chip and Kipper Decode and Develop:
Red Noses (UK Level 2 | AU Levels 3-5) 
Floppy and the Skateboard (UK Level 4 | AU Level 9-11)

Mix! Mix! Mix! (UK Level 1 AU Levels 1-2)
Ron Rabbit's Big Day (UK Level 3 | AU Levels 6-8)
Paula the Vet (UK Level 6 | AU Levels 15-17)

To find out more about the Oxford Reading Tree series, please click HERE.