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Oxford’s high-value premium resource solution to suit your school’s digital and print needs is here.

Award-winning content



Multi-award winning content

Includes market-leading premium resources for all core subjects including Mathematics, Science, Humanities and English

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Bundle and save with Oxford

More than a package of student and teacher resources, bundles include complimentary services

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Easy setup and implementation

We support you at every step, from setup to implementation, so your students have what they need from day one

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Ensuring your school’s digital journey continues with confidence, with priority access to support and no ongoing fees

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Easy-to-use digital platform and resource

Simple and easy to teach and learn with – all in one place, with one login

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Differentiated content

Content approach enables differentiation so no student is held back or left behind

Innovative digital resources and assessment

Oxford’s premium digital resources for secondary school students and teachers are designed to help tailor learning pathways and deliver results.

obook provides an interactive electronic version of the student book in an easy-to-read format. It features multimedia links, interactive learning objects, videos, note-taking, highlighting and bookmarking tools, and live question blocks. Compatible with laptops, iPads, tablets and IWBs.

Oxford Ascend

assess is an indispensable online assessment tool. Explicitly mapped to curriculum, it drives student progress through tailored instruction. Teachers can track the status of assignments, monitor progress with auto-marking assessments, or construct customised tests from the testbank using varied question levels and question types.

Oxford Ascend

Practical and targeted teacher support is provided in digital format via teacher obook assess. Teachers can assign interactive quizzes and tests, gather results and monitor student performance. obook provides teachers with access to the Student book together with added extras like teaching programs, lesson ideas, worksheets, class tests and answers to all activities in the Student book.

Oxford Ascend

Multi-award winning content for four core subjects

Oxford Value Bundles include premium content for Mathematics, Science, Humanities and English.

Oxford Big Ideas Humanities
Victorian Curriculum

Oxford Big Ideas Humanities Victorian Curriculum provides complete coverage for the Humanities – Geography, History, Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship – in one easy-to-use package.

Key features of Oxford Big Ideas Humanities:

  • The student obook contains interactive layered maps (explore and play), 120 student worksheets (with answers), videos with supporting worksheets and 700 assess quiz questions.
  • The teacher obook contains over 200 pages of teacher support including teacher notes, answers, curriculum planning and teaching programs.

Oxford Science
Victorian Curriculum

Oxford Science provides a complete science teaching and learning program with a focus on clear and precise concept development across a range of print, digital and blended resources.

Key features of Oxford Science:

  • The student obook contains over 200 pages of student text content including worksheets, experiment worksheets, interactive modules, videos, quizzes and chapter tests.
  • The teacher obook contains over 200 pages of teacher support including teacher notes, answers, curriculum planning and teaching programs.

Oxford MyEnglish
Victorian Curriculum

Oxford MyEnglish is an integrated print and digital solution for students of Victorian Curriculum English. Specifically developed to cater to mixed-ability classrooms, Oxford MyEnglish offers an engaging and accessible approach to English grammar and skills for years 7–10.

Key features of Oxford MyEnglish:

  • Digital resources include teaching notes, Enriching Literature text guides on popular and classic texts, and answers to every question in the workbook.
  • Digital Upskill modules also feature video tutorials, with our authors guiding students through each grammar topic.

Oxford MyMaths
Victorian Curriculum

Oxford MyMaths for the Victorian Curriculum makes it possible to manage mixed-ability classrooms and gives students their best opportunity to be successful, confident maths learners. Oxford MyMaths offers an accessible format that supports students where learning happens: in class, at home, with teacher direction or in independent study.

Key features of Oxford MyMaths:

  • Over 2500 pages of student content via the student obook including interactive modules, worksheets, investigations and chapter tests.
  • Over 2000 pages of teacher support via the teacher obook including advice, curriculum planning, work programs and support sheets.
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Price $107.95 per student $164.95 per student $209.00 per student
Format Digital Digital + Print Digital Plus + Print
Available for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 Years 7, 8, 9, 10 Year 7
Premium ongoing support
Setup and implementation
Oxford Big Ideas Humanities
Oxford Science
Oxford MyEnglish**
Oxford MyMaths
Oxford Atlas for Australian Schools
Australian School Oxford Dictionary

**Year 10 English resource is Senior English Skills Builder.