Mathematics Standard for Stage 6: obook sample request

obook sample request

Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard Year 11

Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard

Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard Year 11 is supported by a wealth of engaging and relevant digital resources via obook assess, Oxford’s award-winning digital platform.
Please complete the form below to sample these resources on Oxford Digital.

The full version of Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard Year 11 student and teacher obooks will include a wealth of digital resources:

Students receive:

  • a complete digital version of the Student book with notetaking and bookmarking functionality
  • targeted instructional videos by a team of Australia’s most experienced mathematics teachers designed to help students prepare for exams and assessment tasks
  • interactives
  • a range of support sheets for every chapter, designed to consolidate and extend understanding of key points from the syllabus
  • investigations (including problem solving tasks and application tasks)
  • a range of worksheets for additional practice in each chapter
  • spreadsheets for students to develop their ICT capacity and cover key syllabus applications
  • interactive auto-correcting multiple-choice quizzes.
  • With obook assess, students can:

    • access their Student book
    • access rich, interactive content
    • access work assigned by their teacher: reading, homework, tests and assignments
    • use their cloud-based obook anywhere, any time, on any device.

    In addition to the student resources, teachers receive:

    • detailed planning resources, including work programs
    • answers to every question in the Student book
    • printable and editable chapter tests (with exam-style questions) with answers
    • practice exam with answers.

    With obook assess, teachers can:

    • set up classes
    • access editable tests
    • set assignments
    • monitor progress and graph results
    • create groups within classes and assign work or tailor instruction to meet the different needs and abilities of different students
    • view all available content and resources in one place.