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Oxford Value Bundles include print and digital student resources, premium digital teacher resources and ongoing support to ensure you can seamlessly implement Oxford resources into your school today. The New South Wales Oxford Value Bundles include:

Oxford Insight History has been developed and written by a team of experienced NSW teachers and educators to meet the requirements of the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. Oxford Insight History comprehensively covers all syllabus content in order to help students successfully meet all of the required outcomes. The series:

  • provides teachers with the tools to continually monitor student progress against syllabus content via Checkpoint activities at the end of every section
  • checkpoints are supported by a set of three separate student worksheets available as part of the Teacher obook assess
  • worksheets are graded to support, consolidate or extend students of different abilities and personalise learning in the classroom
  • incorporates market-leading visual resources (such as primary and secondary source material, maps and complex historical illustrations)
  • different types of activity boxes appear throughout each chapter and are grouped according to the BOS 'Glossary of Key Words' - ideal for use with students of different learning styles
  • the 'Historians Toolkit' provides a stand-alone reference for all of the historical skills and concepts (can be taught as a separate unit of work or revisited as required).

Oxford Insight Geography has been developed to support teachers with the implementation of the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. Written specifically for the NSW Geography course, with content sequenced to the syllabus and organised around key inquiry questions, this series provides a complete teaching and learning program for Stages 4 and 5 across a range of print, digital and blended resources. Key features of series include:

  • a unique 'Checkpoint approach' ensures that students are continually given the opportunity to test their understanding of each syllabus dot point
  • content that is organised around 'Key Inquiry Questions' and investigation questions are provided on every spread
  • the 'Geographer’s Toolkit' provides a comprehensive reference tool to support concept and skills development
  • highly accessible and easy to navigate with stunning visual representations and maps
  • the Student obook provides access to worksheets, interactives, videos and weblinks.

Oxford English Knowledge and Skills Australian Curriculum is a blended print and digital title has a strong emphasis on the language and literacy strands of the Australian Curriculum: English and provides students with a firm grounding in grammar and language use.

The Oxford English series offers:

  • integrated coverage of the Australian Curriculum: English for years 7–10
  • 25 focused units per book, covering grammar, punctuation, comprehension, reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary
  • a wealth of engaging literary, non-literary and digital texts used as stimulus
  • a flexible format with room for student answers in the write-in workbooks, or in the accompanying digital obooks
  • extensive literature material including a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Asian texts, as well as those that link to the sustainability cross-curricular priority.

Oxford Insight Science has been written by experienced NSW teachers, each student book is structured around key inquiry questions, and chapter content is organised according to syllabus outcomes. Student understanding is constantly checked as they progress through the book by:

  • question blocks – constantly review students’ understanding of key concepts throughout each chapter
  • checkpoints – offer a range of question types to explore depth of understanding
  • chapter Reviews – review understanding, encourage students to reflect on what has been learnt and offer research projects
  • specially-commissioned step-by-step photography in the student book and video lab experiment demonstrations in the obook were all carried out by an experienced science teacher, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the Science classroom
  • risk assessments for all experiments written by a NSW lab technician, are also included.

Authors John Ley and Michael Fuller bring their years of classroom, curriculum and academic experience to the Oxford Insight Mathematics Standard series, providing depth and coverage in an accessible format that encourages all students to succeed. Key features:

  • Teachers and students alike will experience immediate benefit from the key features offered in this series.
  • All content has been explicitly aligned to the new Mathematics Standard Stage 6 syllabus.
  • Trusted and appropriately levelled content has been developed by expert mathematics teachers.
  • Comprehensive exercise sets incorporate worked examples where students actually need them.
  • A visual mathematics glossary boosts understanding of key concepts.
  • More exam-style questions enhance opportunities for consolidation and review.
  • obook assess provides comprehensive student and teacher digital support.
  • A range of chapter features will give students of all abilities the best chance at experiencing success in their Mathematics Standard Stage 6 studies.

New: Diagnostic testing at the start of every chapter to assess student ability.
New: Support sheets to strengthen and revise foundation skills.
New: More depth and extension opportunities through student investigations.
New: Carefully graded worked examples and exercises to support individual learning pathways.

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Access Oxford’s award-winning digital resources for Secondary school students and teachers– anywhere, anytime – including ebooks, interactives, videos, teacher support and assessment tasks.

Student obook assess
obook provides an interactive electronic version of the Student book in an easy-to-read format. It features multimedia links, interactive learning objects, videos, note-taking, highlighting and bookmarking tools, and live question blocks. obook is compatible with all devices and also offers page view (in flipbook format) that can be used offline.

assess is an indispensable online assessment tool. Explicitly mapped to the Curriculum, it drives student progress through tailored instruction. Teachers can track the status of assignments, monitor progress with auto-marking assessments, or construct customised tests from the testbank using varied question levels and question type.

Teacher obook assess
obook provides teachers with access to the Student book together with added extras such as teaching programs, lesson ideas, worksheets, class tests and answers to all activities in the Student book.

assess offers the ability to assign interactive quizzes and tests, gather results, and monitor student performance.

Teacher obook asses also offers Dashboard view – an online lesson control centre, allowing teachers to instantly preview, access and assign resources such as videos, interactives, worksheets and tests to students.

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