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Years 7-9


  • Amazing Science Australian Curriculum

Resource available

  • Student book + obook assess
  • Student obook assess
  • Teacher obook assess


Amazing Science has been created for today's science classroom. It delivers a simple, highly-visual learning experience designed to fuel student engagement. Short, magazine-style units of work ignite a sense of awe and wonder, prompting students to ask questions and delve further. Clear, simple language and literacy support on each page support even the most reluctant learners. At each level, Student Books are supported by obook and assess, including worksheets, tests, answers, interactives, videos and teaching plans. Open students' minds to the amazing world of science!

  • Written by expert science educators and reviewed by practising teachers
  • Creativity and visual appeal - magazine-style format helps engage students
  • A teaching approach steeped in wonder, with project-based tasks to interest and inspire
  • 'Ask a scientist' section introduces students to Australian scientists from various fields and explains how their current research is furthering scientific knowledge. This feature includes Q&As and video interviews (found on the accompanying obook)
  • Step-by-step instructional photographs scaffold learning and aid visual literacy